Major Cocaine Bust in the Pacific Ocean by New Zealand Authorities

Major Cocaine Bust in the Pacific Ocean by New Zealand Authorities

New Zealand: New Zealand police, customs, and defense forces made a major drug bust in the Pacific Ocean.

They found and seized over 3 tons of cocaine floating in the sea.

This is one of the largest drug busts in the country’s history. The value of the cocaine was estimated to be over $318 million.

The police believe an international crime group was responsible for the drugs headed for Australia.

According to the police commissioner, the amount of cocaine was enough to supply the Australian market for a whole year.

The drugs have been shipped back to New Zealand and will be destroyed.

Operation Hydros, which started in December, is a joint effort by the police, customs, and defense forces to monitor suspicious vessel movements and work with international agencies.

The significance of the bust and its impact on the drug trade cannot be underestimated, according to the police commissioner.

No arrests have been made yet, but an international investigation is ongoing.

The huge bust shows that New Zealand is not immune to major drug smuggling efforts by organized crime groups.

It also highlights the lengths these groups will go to in their global drug trafficking operations.

The New Zealand Customs Service acting controller added that the bust is a huge illustration of this.

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