Mermaid Magic New Animated Series by Iginio Straffi Set to Premiere on Netflix in August

Mermaid Magic: New Animated Series by Iginio Straffi Set to Premiere on Netflix in August

Mermaid Magic, an animated series by Iginio Straffi and Rainbow Studios, premiering globally on Netflix this August.

Mermaid Magic

Loreto, Italy: Renowned for its exceptional animation and creative storytelling, Rainbow Studios has announced the global release of its latest animated series, Mermaid Magic.

Scheduled to premiere on Netflix this August, the series is a collaboration between multi-award-winning creator and director Iginio Straffi (Winx Club) and the Emmy Award-winning animation studio Rainbow/Bardel (Rick and Morty, The Dragon Prince).

The production team behind Mermaid Magic boasts some of the most celebrated names in the industry:

Key PersonnelRoleNotable Works
Iginio StraffiCreator and ProducerWinx Club
Rich BurnsHead WriterSpirit Riding Free
Nancy CohenHead WriterSpirit Riding Free
Guy Bar’elyShowrunnerMinions, Kung Fu Panda

Mermaid Magic promises to deliver top-notch quality and an engaging viewer experience, which is made possible by this experienced and talented team.

Set in the underwater world of Mertropia, Mermaid Magic follows the adventures of the fearless Princess Merlinda and her loyal friends Sasha and Nerissa.

These warrior mermaids journey to the surface world to confront the nefarious pirate Barbarossa, who is draining the ocean’s magic.

The series seamlessly blends elements of magic, action, humor, and emotion while addressing crucial issues such as ocean conservation.

Iginio Straffi commented on the series, stating:

“Mermaid Magic pushes the boundaries of animation quality for TV. Every frame is crafted meticulously, creating a visual feast that brings the underwater world to life. This show is not just about stunning animation but about compelling storytelling. Our characters are richly developed, and their journeys are relatable and inspiring. We have woven a narrative that captivates audiences of all ages.”

The first season of Mermaid Magic will be released this summer, supported by a comprehensive licensing, marketing, and digital campaign designed to ensure a successful launch.

About Rainbow Studios

Founded in 1995 by the visionary Iginio Straffi, Rainbow Studios has become one of the largest animation studios globally.

Known for producing and distributing animated and live-action content across various audience demographics and channels, the studio gained international acclaim with the success of the Winx Club saga.

Rainbow Studios is a leading player in the animation industry, with over 500 active licenses.

The Rainbow Group also includes Bardel Inc., an Emmy Award-winning Canadian studio specializing in CGI and VFX animation services, and Colorado Film, an Italian company renowned for its excellence in live-action production.

In addition to creating and distributing original content, the group engages in licensing, editorial projects, live events, and the production of merchandise and toys.

Mermaid Magic is poised to set a new standard in animated television, combining breathtaking visuals with compelling storytelling.

This August, audiences worldwide can immerse themselves in a magical underwater adventure with Princess Merlinda and her friends, exclusively on Netflix.

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