Two Arrested in the Bahamas after American Tourists Report Assault

Two Arrested in the Bahamas after American Tourists Report Assault

Two Bahamas resort staff members were arrested after American women reported being drugged and assaulted. Police and FBI investigate tourist safety concerns.

In a concerning turn of events, the Bahamas police have arrested two resort staff members following allegations from two American women who claim they were drugged and assaulted while on vacation. 

This incident has sparked a broader conversation about tourist safety and attracted law enforcement agencies’ attention, including the FBI.

A Vacation Gone Wrong

Amber Sherer and Dongayla Dobson, looking forward to a vacation without their kids, chose a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas. 

Their trip took an unexpected and harrowing turn on their last day when they visited a Grand Bahama Island Resort, which the cruise line recommended. 

After accepting a drink promotion from the resort staff, both women quickly felt unwell. 

“It hit us so hard after just one drink. We had to get out of the ocean because I felt really out of it,” Dobson explained in a television interview.

The situation worsened when they lost consciousness and later realized they had been assaulted, showing physical signs of an attack and testing positive for drugs.


The Royal Bahamas Police Force took immediate action upon hearing the allegations, emphasizing their commitment to professionalism and sensitivity in handling such serious matters. 

Thanks to detailed descriptions provided by Sherer and Dobson and swift evidence gathering by the resort security, the investigation led to the arrest of two men.

The police, in their efforts to investigate the incident that reportedly occurred on February 4th, boarded the cruise ship to collect evidence, including a sexual assault kit and the victims’ statements.

International Response

Through its office in Nassau, the FBI is assisting the Bahamian authorities, highlighting the gravity of the case and the importance of cross-border cooperation in ensuring justice. 

Carnival Cruises has also pledged its full support to the investigation, stressing the assistance provided to the victims upon their return.

Despite the arrests, Sherer and Dobson call for more to be done, stressing that justice has not yet been fully achieved.

Safety Concerns

The incident underscores a recent U.S. State Department travel advisory warning of increased violence in the Bahamas, including sexual assault. 

This advisory serves as a reminder for travellers to be cautious and vigilant, highlighting the need for improved safety measures for tourists.

The arrest of resort staff in the Bahamas raises important questions about tourists’ safety and the measures to protect them.

As the investigation continues, there is a growing call for justice for the victims and for actions to prevent such incidents in the future, ensuring a safer environment for all visitors to the Bahamas.

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