Disturbing Revelations from Inside a Nigerian Church

Loulita – Disturbing Revelations from Inside a Nigerian Church

Explore Loulita’s eye-opening journey in ‘Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua,’ revealing hidden abuse in a Nigerian church and the urgent fight against religious manipulation.

British Woman’s Harrowing Experience

A British woman named Loulita has bravely come forward with a harrowing account of her experiences in a Nigerian church. 

This church, led by the self-proclaimed prophet TB Joshua, was not the sanctuary it appeared to be. 

Loulita’s story is a chilling reminder of the potential for manipulation, abuse, and exploitation in places that are meant to offer solace and spiritual guidance.

A Search for Belonging Leads to Abuse

Loulita’s journey began at 24 when she left Bristol, escaping an abusive father and a secretive church environment. 

She sought a sense of belonging and found her way to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos. TB Joshua, known for his alleged miraculous healing powers, held considerable influence there.

However, what she encountered was far from a place of healing and faith. The environment she described was one of control and abuse, disguised as a religious retreat. 

Loulita became a disciple along with other women, only to realize later that she had been ensnared in a cult-like setting.

A Sanctuary of Darkness

The church, once seen as a beacon of hope, was exposed as a center of profound darkness. 

Within its walls, women and girls suffered in pain. 

Physical abuse was done comepltely.

Some were even forced into abortions, a grim reality concealed from the outside world by the church’s high walls and revered status.

BBC Documentary Sheds Light on the Abuse

Loulita’s ordeal is now part of a BBC Africa Eye documentary titled ‘Disciples: The Cult of TB Joshua. This documentary serves as a testament to the psychological and physical horrors endured by the church’s followers. 

It is not just Loulita’s story; other survivors have also come forward, echoing her experiences of abuse and exploitation.

Aftermath of TB Joshua’s Death

The death of TB Joshua in June 2021 has given many survivors the courage to speak out. 

However, concerns linger as the church continues its operations under Evelyn, TB Joshua’s wife. 

There are fears about the persistence of the cult-like environment he fostered.

International Attention and Response

The severity of these allegations has been acknowledged by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and the Avon and Somerset Police. 

Efforts are underway to ensure proper information-sharing and address the complexities of crimes committed abroad.

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