Qatar Airways Flight QR204 Delayed in Athens Due to Technical Issue in Intense Heat

Qatar Airways Flight QR204 Delayed in Athens Due to Technical Issue in Intense Heat

Qatar Airways Flight QR204 at Athens International Airport faced a significant delay due to a technical issue, subjecting passengers to 95°F heat for three hours.


The Boeing 777 plane, scheduled to fly from Athens to Doha, had an air conditioning failure, worsening the heat.

Passengers quickly felt the intense heat.

A reporter from the Thai newspaper Matichon, who was on the plane, described the situation as chaotic, with passengers sweating heavily and taking off their clothes to cool down.

The cabin temperature kept rising, making things worse.

Passenger Struggles and Social Media Outcry

Many passengers shared their experiences on social media.

A sports therapist on the flight posted videos on Instagram, showing how bad the conditions were.

“Passengers were dehydrating and passing out on the plane,” he wrote. One video showed Damian, a fit athlete, struggling with the heat.

“Imagine the stress and danger for any normal person,” the therapist added.

Videos and pictures online showed passengers fanning themselves and a shirtless man covered in sweat.

The distress was apparent, with many passengers battling the intense heat.

After three hours, passengers were finally allowed to leave the plane.

Airline Response and Broader Implications

Qatar Airways apologized for the delay and discomfort the passengers were experiencing.

A spokesperson for the airline said:

“Qatar Airways sincerely apologizes for the delay to passengers traveling on flight QR204 from Athens (ATH) to Doha (DOH) on Monday, June 10, 2024, which was due to a technical issue.”

The spokesperson added that passengers were taken off the plane and helped by Qatar staff while the problem was fixed.

Upon arrival in Doha, the airline provided full support to ensure smooth connections for all affected passengers.

“We regard the safety and comfort of our passengers and crew as our highest priority at all times and have offered our apologies to each passenger affected by this unforeseen disruption and the inconvenience caused,” the spokesperson said.

Passengers were also informed of their compensation entitlements according to the rules.

Climate Crisis and Future Challenges

This incident highlights the broader problems caused by the climate crisis.

The heatwaves in Athens, which also led to the closure of the Acropolis, school shutdowns, and garbage collection, show the increasing frequency and severity of heatwaves.

These extreme weather conditions create significant challenges for everyday life and industries like aviation, which must adapt to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

As global temperatures continue to rise, airlines may need to create better plans to handle such situations effectively.

The Qatar Airways incident shows the urgent need for the aviation industry to prioritize passenger welfare in the face of changing climate conditions.


The delay of Qatar Airways Flight QR204 in Athens due to a technical problem in intense heat has drawn attention to the increasing challenges caused by the climate crisis.

As passengers endured extreme temperatures on the tarmac, the incident highlighted the urgent need for better plans in the aviation industry to ensure passenger safety and comfort in extreme weather conditions.

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