Ferrari Unveils Its First Electric Sports Car, Priced Over $500,000

Ferrari Unveils Its First Electric Sports Car, Priced Over $500,000

Ferrari’s first electric sports car, priced over $500K, is set to debut soon. Discover the details about this groundbreaking luxury EV.


Ferrari, the renowned Italian luxury car manufacturer, is set to launch its first fully electric sports car.

This new model, expected to debut by the end of the year, marks a significant milestone in Ferrari’s history.

However, potential buyers should be prepared for a substantial price tag, as the car costs over $500,000 (500,000 euros).

Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna has confirmed that the company will showcase its first electric vehicle (EV) sports car before the end of the year.

Thanks to significant progress made late last year, this project is running ahead of schedule.

The starting price for this innovative vehicle is expected to be at least $535,000 (500,000 euros), placing it well above the average luxury EV price of around $375,000 (350,000 euros).

Sources have also indicated that Ferrari is already working on a second electric model.

Although still in the early stages of development, this new model is expected to boost production at Ferrari’s e-building facility.

This factory will manufacture critical components such as electric motors, inverters, and batteries for new EVs and hybrids.

Last year, Ferrari introduced its first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the SF90 Stradale, to electrify its lineup.

Ferrari aims for 60% of its sales to be EVs or hybrids by 2026.

Ferrari’s entry into the electric vehicle market comes amid fierce competition.

Lamborghini, one of Ferrari’s main rivals, revealed its first fully electric car, the Lanzador EV, last August.

This sleek 2+2 electric GT is expected to be available by 2028. Lamborghini’s entire lineup, including the Huracán and Urus PHEVs, will transition to electric this year.

The high price of Ferrari’s first electric sports car reflects the company’s confidence in its product.

This bold pricing strategy contrasts with other luxury automakers, such as Porsche and Tesla, which have introduced high-performance electric models at lower prices.

For example, the new Porsche Taycan Turbo GT starts at $230,000, while Tesla’s Model S Plaid starts at just $87,990.

Despite the increasing number of new electric sports cars entering the market, Ferrari and Lamborghini remain confident in their iconic designs and performance.

Whether Ferrari’s legacy and design excellence will continue to justify its premium prices in the evolving electric vehicle market remains to be seen.

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