Instagram Suspends Prominent Palestinian News Account @eye.on.palestine

Instagram Suspends Prominent Palestinian News Account – @eye.on.palestine

Instagram removes @eye.on.palestine, a key account sharing life in Palestine. Dive into the debate on social media censorship and its implications.


In a surprising move, Instagram has taken down one of the largest news accounts that focused on sharing vivid images and videos portraying the day-to-day experiences in Palestine. 

The account @eye.on.palestine played a significant role in shedding light on the region’s ongoing struggles, including evidence of alleged genocide, Israeli war crimes, and various crimes against humanity.

A Blow to Free Information

Having amassed a following of over 6 million people globally, @eye.on.palestine has become a cornerstone for users seeking unfiltered information directly from the ground. 

Its removal has stirred conversations about the suppression of essential information that is of global public interest.

Second Account Suspended

In a subsequent action, a related account, @eye.on.palestine2, has also been put on suspension. 

This has intensified the concerns and debates surrounding the limitation of information on social media platforms.

Call for Immediate Action

Advocates and followers are urging for an immediate review and reinstatement of the accounts, emphasizing their crucial role in disseminating important on-ground realities and evidence from Palestine. 

This move by Instagram is seen as another chapter in the larger narrative of social media suppression of vital information.


Suspending these significant accounts has ignited conversations about the freedom and accessibility of information on social media, particularly concerning pressing global issues such as the situation in Palestine. 

The public and advocates await a response and necessary actions from Instagram and related authorities to address this significant concern.

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