Tammin Sursok Gets a New Puppy!

Tammin Sursok Gets a New Puppy!

Tammin Sursok welcomes a new golden retriever puppy, Sadie, after losing her beloved dog, Charlie. The family’s joy is evident in their heartwarming journey.

Remember Tammin Sursok from THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS? She played Colleen. 

She had a sad time in May when her dog, Charlie, passed away. 

However, now, there is good news! Tammin and her husband, Sam McEwen, have a new puppy. 

It is a 10-week-old golden retriever named Sadie. 

Tammin told her fans on Instagram about Sadie and said, “They will love you like we do.”

When Charlie passed away, Tammin and her family were very sad. They missed him a lot. 

However, they also had a busy summer, traveling between their homes in Nashville and Australia and even going to Bali.

A Surprise Puppy!

One day, they got a call. 

There was a puppy that needed a home. 

Tammin and her family felt that this puppy, Sadie, was meant to be with them. They just knew it!

After their trips, while Tammin was in Los Angeles working on her podcast, her husband had a surprise for her. 

When she returned to Nashville, she found that Sam had made a special place for Sadie in their home.

Tammin said her kids are super happy with Sadie. 

She also said she would share many pictures of Sadie because she is so cute. 

She added, “Dogs are a man’s best friend. We are so happy to have her.”

What is Next?

Tammin Sursok
Tammin Sursok

Everyone is excited to see more of Sadie as she grows up with Tammin’s family. 

We cannot wait for more cute puppy pictures!

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