John Mellencamp's New Girlfriend Who Is She

John Mellencamp’s New Girlfriend: Who Is She?

John Mellencamp’s new romance blooms with socialite Kristin Kehrberg. The duo recently made their relationship public, capturing hearts.

Meet Kristin Kehrberg

Kristin Kehrberg
Kristin Kehrberg

Singer John Mellencamp, known for his song “Hurts So Good,” has a new girlfriend. Her name is Kristin Kehrberg. She is rich and married a famous advertising man, Richard Tarlow, who passed away last year.

Kristin’s Movie Work

Kristin is not just known for being rich. She helped make a movie in 2017 called “The Wild Wedding.” It had famous actors like Glenn Close in it. She and her late husband also bought a very expensive apartment in New York.

Their Relationship

John and Kristin started dating this year. They were seen together for the first time in August. They were at a fashion show in Los Angeles for John’s granddaughter, Slate. They wore matching clothes and looked very happy together. Pictures of them were shown in a magazine called Page Six.

Getting Along with John’s Family

Kristin gets along well with John’s family. His daughter, Teddi, on a TV show, was also at the fashion show. John talked about his new girlfriend on a podcast. He said they met surprisingly in his New York home. He spoke very nicely about her.

They are Very Happy Together

John said they get along very well. They have not even fought. He joked that Kristin is very patient with him.

Everyone is happy to see John and Kristin together and wishes them the best.

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