Lisa Yamada The New Face in Forrester Creations

Lisa Yamada The New Face in THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

Lisa Yamada joins THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Luna. Dive into the drama as the mysterious fashion student arrives at Forrester Creations.

Lisa Yamada

Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada

In a thrilling turn of events, we are excited to announce that Lisa Yamada has officially joined the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL. 

She will be stepping into the intriguing new role of Luna. 

TV aficionados, mark your calendars because her grand entry is slated for Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Meet Luna: Fashionista with a Secret

Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada

Luna is not just your average college student; she is deeply immersed in fashion design. 

A world that aligns perfectly with the milieu at Forrester Creations. 

However, there is more than what meets the eye. 

Luna is described as “surrounded by mystery” and holds a compelling secret close to her heart. 

Could she share covert familial ties with a familiar face in the show? 

Moreover, as romance enthusiasts speculate, she might be the ideal romantic match for RJ unless her undisclosed secret throws a wrench into the budding love story.

Lisa Yamada: A Rising Star

Lisa Yamada
Lisa Yamada

For those trying to place where they have seen this talented actress before, Lisa Yamada made quite an impact in her role as Parker Tanaka in Freeform’s CRUEL SUMMER’s second season. 

Not stopping at that, she has showcased her acting prowess in renowned series such as PARTY OF FIVE, ALL AMERICAN, LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE, and PROMISED LAND.

For the movie buffs, Yamada has graced the silver screen in films like Missing and Crushed. 

Additionally, her versatile talent stretches to voice acting, where she provides the English dialogue for popular Korean Netflix series like ALL OF US ARE DEAD and THE SOUND OF MAGIC.

Await the Drama at Forrester Creations

The horizon looks promising, and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation. 

What will Luna’s arrival spell for Forrester Creations? Only time will tell. 

However, one thing is certain: With Lisa Yamada’s addition, fans are in for some riveting drama and unforgettable moments. 

Stay glued to B&B!

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