Lisa George Contemplates Leaving 'Coronation Street' for Dream Roles in Period Dramas

Lisa George Contemplates Leaving ‘Coronation Street’ for Dream Roles in Period Dramas

Lisa George, the famed ‘Coronation Street’ actress, hints at leaving the show, expressing a passion for roles in historical dramas. Fans anticipate her next move in the TV world.

Lisa George

Lisa George
Lisa George

Lisa George, the beloved actress best known as Beth Tinker on the popular ITV1 soap opera ‘Coronation Street,’ recently hinted at a potential exit from the show. 

Having graced our screens for over a decade, the 52-year-old star shared her aspirations to dive into historical dramas, particularly from eras such as the 1940s and 60s.

A Passion for Historical Dramas

George candidly shared her interests with The Daily Star, noting her connection to the wartime era. 

“I am ­interested in the war because my grandad always talked about the war. I would love to do a 1940s drama. Alternatively, something set in the 60s would be amazing,” she remarked.

George admired shows like ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘Ten Pound Poms’, saying, “I would love to do ‘Call The Midwife.’ Moreover, I watched ‘Ten Pound Poms’ and loved it. A role in something like that would be amazing.”

She reiterated her passion for vintage dramas, especially those centered around war themes, adding, “I like my vintage dramas and stuff like that, maybe a 1940s drama, more like war stuff.”

An Illustrious Career in TV

Lisa George
Lisa George

Before her acclaimed portrayal of Beth Tinker, who first appeared on ‘Coronation Street’ in 2011, George showcased her acting prowess in various TV shows. Fans may recall her roles in episodes of ‘Casualty’ and ‘Emmerdale,’ as well as her performance as a teacher in the TV adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s novel ‘The Illustrated Mum.’

From Soap Star to Showstopper

While most remember her from the cobbled streets of ‘Coronation Street,’ George’s versatility was fully displayed when she channeled Liza Minnelli in ITV’s ‘All-Star Musicals’ in 2021. 

Recalling her transformative performance as Sally Bowles from ‘Cabaret,’ she enthusiastically shared, “Doing that show was much fun. I loved it. I was in my element, and it was amazing!”

While it remains uncertain whether George will renew her contract with ‘Coronation Street,’ one thing is clear: fans are eager to see where her diverse talents will take her next.

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