Son Gave Father A New Life

Son Gave Father A New Life

We are unknown to family details at this point, but it is essential to share this painful and motivational story with you.

This story is widely being shared on the internet by the netizens.

Son Gave Father A New Life

Here comes the story of a young boy who has shared it on Instagram @hasijasahab_, anybody will be in tears after reading it.

This young boy shares his achievement.

Son Gave Father A New Life

“We have been through tough times recently as my father was diagnosed with LIVER FAILURE (Non-Alcoholic), for which he needed an early liver transplant.”

“On 21st June 2021, i.e., on father’s day, my father and I underwent a 17-hour-long “LIVING DONOR LIVER TRANSPLANT” surgery.”

“I have donated 65% of my liver to my dad.”

Son Gave Father A New Life

“This is the ONE and will be the only most significant achievement of my life.”

“To save you, give you your life back, give you a new life, give you my liver, give you my everything. I have won this battle, dad.”

“I have won you. I have won everyone in our family.”

Son Gave Father A New Life

“Moreover, I have won myself. I got the tag “Living Organ Donor.”

“I got the tag of Real Life Superhero.”

“I am Alive.”

Son Gave Father A New Life

“Cheers to our lifetime “Hockey Stick Like Scars.”

“This sexy Big L-shaped permanent tattoo is a mark of pride, my heroic act to save a life.”

Son Gave Father A New Life

“Thank you, @arvindersoin (Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin), Our surgeon. Sir, Hats Off to you and your super team.”

“Donating Organs does not save lives, but it changes lives.”

“Love you so much, sir, and also, thank you for keeping me off the hook from Father’s day gift.”

“Forever Grateful.”

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin

Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin is also a Public figure and the Pioneer Surgeon, Innovator & Investor, Researcher, and Chairman of Liver Transplant Medanta Hospital.

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