Mohammed Umar M

Meet Mohammed Umar M From Ballari, Karnataka

Many people think that to be a good actor, and one must have good looks. However, it is just a misconception people have in their minds.

Mohammed Umar M

Breaking this myth, Mohammed Umar is one more name which has proved that acting is more about expressing yourself on the screen.

Mohammed Umar is not just an actor but a talented filmmaker and model with expertise in production, direction, and scripting.

Hailing from the Ballari district of Karnataka, the 25-year-old is working on his creative skills rather than his looks.

“A true sign or artist lies in his art. I want to improve my acting craft and work on my looks.”

“Nowadays, we have witnessed that content is king, and people want to watch relevant shows and films, not mainstream cinema.”

“Many actors, while preparing themselves, first work on their looks, but I am grooming my talent to improve my craft.”

Mohammed Umar M

In the lockdown phase, Umar devised a script for a thriller micro-short film titled ‘Dark Mirror‘. He plans to shoot the film.

Directed by KM Vagesh, this micro-short film belongs to the horror genre.

Umar is still learning, and seeing him take out his creativity for something he loves doing is excellent.

In the past, Mohammed directed a short film titled “Call Me If You Need Blood.”

Besides this, he has even created cover videos of Bollywood’s classic songs like “Mera Joota Hai Japani” and “Kya Hua Tera Wada.”

He is keen to collaborate with content creators and influencers to create impactful videos. Umar also has been featured in the popular travel website TRAVEL WITH THOUSIF for his social activities.

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