Markaz Masjid of Alappuzha Invited Non-Muslims

Markaz Masjid of Alappuzha Invited Non-Muslims

Markaz Masjid: Friday prayers were held in the Masjid of Alappuzha of Kerala state in India, with several non-Muslim citizens.

The Masjid had opened its doors for non-Muslims to attend the Friday prayers and listen to the talk by the Imam of the mosque.

In the Markaz Masjid, special seating arrangements for around 50 people were made.

Imam Hakkim

Imam Hakkim Panavally spoke about the recent controversies, including those related to halal food.

Swami Asparshananda

Swami Asparshananda of Viswagaji Mutt in Muhamma delivered the keynote address. He expressed happiness of getting an opportunity to witness the mosque’s prayer session and welcomed all to the Mutt.

MLA P P Chitharanjan

MLA P P Chitharanjan, present at the mosque, said that such get-togethers are a fitting reply to creating religious hatred in the society.

Christopher M Arthasseril

Fr Christopher M Arthasseril, the vicar of Puthenkadu church in Alappuzha, said that he was attending the prayers in a mosque for the first time. He also said that he was always keen to see the inside of a mosque and witness the prayer session.

G Sudhakaran

Former minister G Sudhakaran was also present. The guests were served food after the prayer session.

The Markaz masjid trust had personally invited leaders of various religions, government officials and people from different walks of life.

The move was aimed at giving a message to society that all should coexist peacefully in the world.

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