Finland's New Talent Boost Program Attracts Over 1,100 Companies to Hire Foreigners

Finland’s New Talent Boost Program Attracts Over 1,100 Companies to Hire Foreigners

Discover Finland’s Talent Boost program that connects international professionals with Finnish companies, offering various benefits and addressing labor shortages.

Talent Boost Program Finland

Over 1100 Finnish companies have signed up for a new program launched by the Finnish government called Talent Boost, which aims to attract international talent. 

The program has a dedicated job portal for English-speaking jobs and webinars to guide foreigners on how to find work in Finland. 

Foreigners who secure a job through the Talent Boost program can move to Finland in as little as 14 days.

The Finnish government introduced the Talent Boost program to address Finland’s labor shortage and the aging workforce.

The program is designed for businesses operating in Finland and offers a full-service package to help companies recruit international professionals. 

The program also works as an integration program for international students graduating in Finland who can be absorbed into the workforce.

The Talent Boost program offers international workers several benefits, including relocation funding, workplace language training, and fast-track residence permits. 

The program provides workplace Swedish and Finnish language training, which helps workers learn the local language after they move to Finland. 

The program also supports the relocation of employees and offers a fast-track service for residence permits for workers moving to Finland.

Talent Boost Program Finland
Talent Boost Program Finland

The Finnish government pays companies to hire foreign workers if they still seek suitable local talent. 

In addition, the Talent Boost program provides funding and networks for hiring international talent, making it an attractive option for employers and employees. 

The program’s job portal, Work in Finland, lists 482 open jobs for English-speaking professionals, and the number keeps changing as more companies sign up for the program.

Many in the global community have lauded the Talent Boost program as an excellent initiative. 

The program’s funding pool for hiring foreigners is a unique feature that differentiates it from similar programs in other countries. 

In addition, the program is designed to be user-friendly, with webinars and job portals offering guidance and support for international workers looking to find work in Finland.


In conclusion, the Talent Boost program launched by the Finnish government has received a positive response from both employers and employees. 

The program’s benefits, including funding for relocation and workplace language training, make it an attractive option for foreigners looking to work in Finland. 

With over 1100 companies signed up for the program, many job opportunities exist for English-speaking professionals looking to work in the world’s happiest country.

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