Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil's Congress, Call for Military Takeover

Bolsonaro Supporters Storm Brazil’s Congress, Call for Military Takeover

On Sunday, supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stormed the country’s Congress and other buildings in the capital city of Brasília

The far-right supporters, known as “Bolsonaristas,” called for the military to take over the government and refused to accept Bolsonaro’s defeat in the elections more than two months ago to leftist President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was sworn in just one week prior. 

The mob, some draped in the Brazilian flag, broke windows and climbed onto the roof of the Congress building, as well as invading and ransacking the presidential palace and Supreme Court. 

Security forces regained control of the breached buildings by evening, with around 200 people arrested.

President da Silva called the storming an act of “barbarism” by “fascists” and blamed a lack of security for the events. 

Bolsonaro, who has sowed doubts about the election’s legitimacy and refused to concede defeat, tweeted that while peaceful demonstrations are a part of democracy, “depredations and invasions of public buildings” are not.

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