Vegh Automobiles Unveils India's Premier 247 Roadside Assistance for Electric Two-Wheelers

Vegh Automobiles Unveils India’s Premier 24/7 Roadside Assistance for Electric Two-Wheelers

Vegh Automobiles launches India’s first 24/7 roadside assistance for electric two-wheelers, enhancing the EV ownership experience with unparalleled support.

India’s Leap in EV Support

In a groundbreaking move, Vegh Automobiles is elated to roll out the nation’s pioneering 24/7 roadside assistance (RSA) service tailored for electric two-wheelers.

Unwavering Commitment to Riders

With the promise of comprehensive support, Vegh ensures that its electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts can cruise on Indian roads with unmatched assurance. 

The dedication shines through their availability: a round-the-clock helpline operational every day, all year round.

A Boon for All Vegh Patrons

Emphasizing inclusivity, Vegh bestows this exceptional service upon all its customers, irrespective of the model they possess.

Power-Packed Partnership

In an astute move, Vegh has joined forces with Global Assure, a frontrunner in the RSA domain. 

Boasting an expansive network, Global Assure promises adept service providers and technicians sprinkled across the Indian subcontinent.

Addressing the EV Enigma

Vegh’s visionary CEO, Pragya Goyal, articulated the company’s keen understanding of the nuanced challenges tied to EV ownership. 

She expressed:

“We are thrilled to spearhead India’s maiden 24/7 RSA for electric two-wheelers, fortifying our dedication to the tranquility of EV riders and greener transit. Our prime objective is accentuating the allure of electric two-wheelers for Indians, resonating with their aspirations of a reduced carbon footprint. We have meticulously crafted our RSA to navigate the intricacies of EV operations, simplifying the transition for prospective EV enthusiasts.”

Diverse Features – One Call Away

The RSA has various features, from towing to flat tire supportminor repairs, and even hotel accommodation assistance

In any predicament, day or night, Vegh assures its army of proficient technicians is just a phone call away, ready to resolve any hiccup.

An Overview of Vegh Automobiles

Established in 2021, Vegh Automobiles has garnered acclaim for its aesthetically appealing designs, state-of-the-art features, and impressive driving range. 

Moreover, this is just the beginning. The trailblazing firm has divulged plans to unveil a series of electric scooter variants in the foreseeable future.

With this monumental initiative, Vegh Automobiles cements its position in the EV domain and ushers in a new era of unwavering support for the country’s growing tribe of electric two-wheeler aficionados.

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