Women Boxers Demand Equal Footing in Championship Bouts

Women Boxers Demand Equal Footing in Championship Bouts

Female boxers rally for equality, demanding 12-round, 3-minute championship bouts. A historic fight on October 27 marks a significant step towards change.

Over twenty-five female boxers came together, echoing their demand for the option to fight 12 rounds at three minutes each, mirroring the standards for men’s championship bouts.

Historic Moment on the Horizon

This demand comes as a prelude to a historic match set to take place on October 27, where Amanda Serrano will be defending her IBF, WBO, and WBA featherweight titles against Danila Ramos. 

This will be the first time women boxers will fight 12 rounds of three minutes each for a unified title.

Women’s title bouts are largely limited to 10 rounds, lasting two minutes each.

Who Stands Behind the Statement?

The call for equality has received endorsement from several notable names in boxing, both past and present. 

Backing the statement are champions and accomplished fighters such as Chantelle Cameron, Seniesa Estrada, Natasha Jonas, Mikaela Mayer, Holly Holm, Laila Ali, Ramla Ali, and more.

The statement elucidates women’s continuous struggle in the boxing sphere: “As women, we have had to fight inch by inch… That is why today, we stand together… We have earned the CHOICE… We are boxing.

The Significance of Collective Voice

In a sport that has often lacked a unified voice, with no union representing fighters and little coordinated advocacy, the unified stance taken by over two dozen boxers is truly momentous. 

Amanda Serrano and her promoter, Most Valuable Promotions, played a significant role in orchestrating the statement, reflecting the sentiments of female fighters globally.

Serrano expressed her gratitude to her peers, emphasizing that they are “advocating for the ability to choose.” 

Highlighting the disparity, she pointed out how female MMA fighters compete in five-minute rounds like their male counterparts.

Layla McCarter, another supporter of the statement, previously fought a 12-round, three-minute match in 2007.

Prior Attempts and Endorsements

The push for equalizing round duration has been around for a while. 

Over the past five years, there have been attempts to get this change sanctioned. 

Notably, in 2019, a title fight between Seniesa Estrada and Marlen Esparza was scheduled for ten rounds of three minutes each, although it ended prematurely.

In 2021, major bodies like the WBO, IBF, and WBA expressed their support for three-minute rounds for women’s boxing. 

Additionally, the California and Nevada athletic commissions have also given their approval. 

However, the WBC remains a significant detractor, with its president, Mauricio Sulaimán, voicing safety concerns.

Prominent figures like Top Rank promoter Bob Arum have expressed that the change could bring more excitement to women’s boxing. 

Arum believes this shift would compel him to sign more female fighters.

Looking Forward

The upcoming Serrano-Ramos fight symbolizes a championship match and a broader fight for equality and respect in professional boxing. 

As women boxers unite to voice their demands, they set the stage for a transformative era in the sport.

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