Lindsay Arnold Departs from Days of Our Lives

Lindsay Arnold Departs from “Days of Our Lives”

Actress Lindsay Arnold is leaving the popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” She has been playing the role of Allie Horton for almost three years.

Allie Horton is the daughter of Lucas and Sami and was previously portrayed by a series of twins from 2007-2014.

Arnold was given a contract with the show in 2020 but has now finished filming her final scenes.

Arnold’s time on the show began with Allie announcing that she was pregnant after being the date in a bad incident.

The story continues with Allie reconnecting with an old friend, Chanel, and starting a romance.

Recently, Allie and Chanel have been having issues, with Allie feeling jealous of Chanel’s relationship with Johnny and Chanel feeling the same about Allie’s interest in Alex.

Fans of the show can tune in to see how Allie exits Salem.

Keep an eye on THOUSIF Inc. – WORLDWIDE for more information on future casting news.

You never know when Allie might return to Salem for another visit!

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