Canadian MP Talks to U.S. About China's Threats

Canadian MP Talks to U.S. About China’s Threats

Canadian MP Michael Chong addresses U.S. Congress about China’s threats. The talk aims to highlight China’s influence and control in foreign countries.

What is Happening?

Canadian MP Michael Chong has been invited to speak in the U.S. Congress. He will discuss how China is trying to control and threaten people in other countries, including Canada.

Why Was He Invited?

Chong has spoken out against China’s treatment of the Uyghurs. Because of this, he says China has threatened him and his family. The U.S. Congress wants to hear his story.

What Will He Say?

Chong wants to tell the U.S. that China’s actions are not just against him but many others in Canada and other countries. He believes countries like the U.S. and Canada should work together against these threats.

Why Is This Important?

The U.S. Congress is trying to understand how China behaves with other countries. They want to make rules to stop China from threatening people outside its borders.

Who Else Will Speak?

Other people, like a Uyghur activist named Rushan Abbas and Laura Harth, who knows about China’s police actions in other countries, will also share their stories.

What Might Change?

The U.S. is thinking of making new laws to protect people from threats by other countries. Chong thinks Canada should also make similar rules to keep its people safe.

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