Hunter King and Chandler Massey to Star in Hallmark's The Professional Bridesmaid

Hunter King and Chandler Massey to Star in Hallmark’s “The Professional Bridesmaid”

Hallmark Channel has announced its lineup for the upcoming April movies, which includes a new romantic film titled “The Professional Bridesmaid.”

The movie features two Daytime Emmy winners, Hunter King and Chandler Massey, who will play the lead roles.

King will portray the character of Maggie, a professional bridesmaid hired to assist a bride named Alexis, whose father is a mayor.

Three uncooperative bridesmaids join her; her job is to keep everything organized and smooth.

To keep her identity a secret, she disguises herself as Alexis’s cousin, Maisie.

Massey’s character, Henry, is an ambitious reporter assigned to cover the wedding.

He hopes to get close to the mayor and secure the scoop on the development of local parkland.

As the story progresses, Maggie must keep Henry on track and coordinate with the bridesmaids while keeping her true identity a secret.

The movie is part of Hunter King’s multi-picture deal with Hallmark Media, announced in November.

King expressed her excitement to continue working with the Hallmark family on Instagram.

Chandler Massey has also appeared in three Hallmark movies in the past.

Hunter King is a five-time Daytime Emmy Award nominee for Outstanding Younger Actress.

Chandler Massey has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award six times for Outstanding Younger Actor, winning three years in a row.

“The Professional Bridesmaid” is set to premiere this spring on Hallmark Channel, and fans of the two talented actors eagerly await this romantic film’s release.

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