Daydreamer - Erkenci Kuş: Dubbed in All Indian Languages FREE

Daydreamer – Erkenci Kuş: Dubbed in All Indian Languages FREE

Daydreamer or Day Dreamer is a dubbed version of popular Turkish TV series called Erkenci Kuş, and the genre is Comedy and Romance.

Daydreamer is the English title of Erkenci Kuş, a Turkish television series broadcasted on Star TV from June 26, 2018, until August 6, 2019. Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman features in the series.

Daydreamer – Erkenci Kuş series has 51 episodes in season 1, and season 2 is in the plan. In addition, the series is dubbed in many Indian and International languages, namely:

Daydreamer – Erkenci Kuş Series in Indian languages

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Gujarati
  • Urdu
  • Kannada
  • Odia
  • Malayalam

Daydreamer – Erkenci Kuş Series in International languages

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German

Also Known As (AKA)

Turkish – Original TitleErkenci Kuş
AustraliaErkenci Kus
BrazilErkenci Kus
Bulgaria – Bulgarian titleСвободен дух
Canada – English titleErkenci Kus
Canada – French titleErkenci Kus
FranceErkenci Kus
GermanyErkenci Kus
GreeceFterotos theos
India – Hindi titleDaydreamer – Erkenci Kuş
India – English titleDaydreamer – Erkenci Kuş
IndonesiaErkenci Kus
ItalyDayDreamer – Le ali del sogno
Japan – Japanese titleエルケンジ・クシュ
MexicoPájaro Madrugador
PhilippinesErkenci Kus
PolandWymarzona miłość
RomaniaPasarea matinala
RussiaРанняя пташка
SpainErkenci Kus: Pájaro soñador
UKErkenci Kus
USAErkenci Kus
Worldwide – English TitleDaydreamer


Sanem Aydın Divit is a young woman from the Galápagos Islands who wants to be a writer.

She works at her father’s grocery store, but her parents have forced her to choose between an arranged marriage with her next-door neighbour Muzaffer and finding a suitable job.

Sanem Aydın Divit will work at Fikri Harika, a leading advertising agency in Turkey, where her older sister, Leyla Aydın Divit, is an assistant.

The advertising agency’s owner, Aziz, has two sons, Emre Divit and Can Divit.

Emre Divit wants to take over the business, but his father considers Can Divit better suited for the job and appoints him as an agency manager.

Can Divit has what his father wants for the company, but Can Divit prefers taking photos in remote parts of the world. 

The Erkenci Kuş series Can Divit eventually agrees to run Fikri Harika company when he hears of his father’s health problems.

Aziz Divit also tells Can Divit to find the spy in the company helping their competitor,  Aylin Yükselen

Emre Divit does not like the idea of his brother Can Divit being the manager. 

Emre Divit believes that he deserves that position and plans to make him fail, along with being the actual spy. 

For the 40th anniversary of the company Fikri Harika at an opera, Sanem Aydın Divit enters into the dark balcony and bumps into Can Divit

Can Divit, thinking that she was his girlfriend Polen, kisses her. 

After leaving, Sanem Aydın Divit realizes that she loves the stranger who kissed her, giving him the code name Albatros.

However, Sanem Aydın Divit hating Can Divit, and Emre Divit makes Sanem Aydın Divit believe that Can Divit wants to increase its value to sell it. 

Soon after, Can Divit falls in love with Sanem Aydın Divit and realizes that he kissed her on that tragic day at the opera. 

Furthermore, their eternal love story begins.

Daydreamer – Erkenci Kuş Series Dubbed FREE

Top Cast of Daydreamer – Erkenci Kuş Series

Demet Özdemir as Sanem Aydın Divit

Demet Özdemir

Demet Özdemir as Sanem Aydın Divit

Can Yaman

Can Yaman as Can Divit

Can Yaman as Can Divit

Erkenci Kuş – Day Dreamer: All Episodes for FREE

Episode 12:00 +
Episode 22:00 +
Episode 32:00 +
Episode 42:00 +
Episode 52:00 +
Episode 62:00 +
Episode 72:00 +
Episode 82:00 +
Episode 92:00 +
Episode 102:00 +
Episode 112:00 +
Episode 122:00 +
Episode 132:00 +
Episode 142:00 +
Episode 152:00 +
Episode 162:00 +
Episode 172:00 +
Episode 182:00 +
Episode 192:00 +
Episode 202:00 +
Episode 212:00 +
Episode 222:00 +
Episode 232:00 +
Episode 242:00 +
Episode 252:00 +
Episode 262:00 +
Episode 272:00 +
Episode 282:00 +
Episode 292:00 +
Episode 302:00 +
Episode 312:00 +
Episode 322:00 +
Episode 342:00 +
Episode 352:00 +
Episode 362:00 +
Episode 372:00 +
Episode 382:00 +
Episode 392:00 +
Episode 402:00 +
Episode 412:00 +
Episode 422:00 +
Episode 432:00 +
Episode 442:00 +
Episode 452:00 +
Episode 462:00 +
Episode 472:00 +
Episode 482:00 +
Episode 492:00 +
Episode 502:00 +
Episode 512:00 +

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