Carey Wright Appointed Maryland's Interim Superintendent

Carey Wright Appointed Maryland’s Interim Superintendent

After a unanimous board vote, Carey Wright was appointed as Maryland’s interim superintendent. She brings extensive experience and aims to foster equity and innovation in education.

Key Appointments and Resignations

Maryland – The state Board of Education has unanimously voted for Carey Wright to step in as Maryland’s interim superintendent of public schools. 

The decision was made during a digital session on Wednesday. 

Wright, taking up her new role on October 23, will be in charge of a colossal public school system, catering to almost 890,000 students. 

In addition, she will play a pivotal role as the primary advocate for the “10-year Blueprint for Maryland’s Future” education reform plan.

Previously, Wright had resigned from her four-year tenure with the National Assessment Governing Board. 

This organization is crucial for framing policies for the NAEP, colloquially known as the Nation’s Report Card. 

Notably, during her service on the governing board, she held the position of state superintendent of education in Mississippi from 2013 till her retirement last year. 

She boasts the longest service duration in that role since the state board’s inception in 1982.

Praising the New Appointment

Maryland school board President Clarence Crawford commented on Wright’s distinguished work in literacy reform in Mississippi. 

Under her guidance, the state witnessed a significant jump in the graduation rate, soaring from 75.5% to 88.4%. 

Crawford praised her consensus-building abilities, remarking on how Wright, unfamiliar with the political environment in Mississippi, managed to establish solid relationships with the predominant Republican legislature and the governor. 

He added, “We are very fortunate to have her.”

Leadership Transitions

Before Wright’s takeover, Sylvia Lawson will briefly be acting superintendent. 

The need arises due to the impending resignation of Mohammed Choudhury as the state’s current public school leader. 

Following his departure, Choudhury will transition to a senior adviser role for the state school board, focusing on essential education guidance and strategies concerning state priorities.

Choudhury’s new role comes with a continuous base salary of $310,000, per his contract until June 30. 

Additionally, he can work from a remote location or the department’s Baltimore office.

Wright’s tenure as interim superintendent is slated to conclude in June, after which a national hunt for a permanent leader will commence, led by Crawford, who will spearhead a joint transition committee. 

Additionally, Board Vice President Joshua Michael will direct another team to recruit a permanent leader for a new four-year term from July 1.

Wright’s Strong Maryland Roots

Carey Wright’s association with Maryland is deep-rooted. 

An alumna of the University of Maryland in College Park, she secured her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees there. 

Her educational journey began in the 1970s at Prince George’s County Public Schools. 

Over 26 years, Wright’s diverse career has seen her excel as a teacher, principal, and director of special education in Howard County public schools. 

She also held prominent positions in Montgomery County and D.C. public schools before her significant tenure in Mississippi.

Parallelly, Wright also helms her enterprise, “The Wright Approach Consulting,” focusing on leadership development and training.

Echoing Positive Sentiments

The state’s Education Association president, Cheryl Bost, warmly welcomed Wright’s appointment. 

She expressed eagerness to collaborate with Dr. Wright, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity, equity, and creating a nurturing environment for all students.

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