Italy to Issue Over 82,000 Work Visas for Foreigners in 2023

Italy to Issue Over 82,000 Work Visas for Foreigners in 2023

Italy has announced plans to issue more than 82,000 work permits to foreigners in 2023, providing exciting opportunities for individuals seeking employment there. 

While work visas are limited to citizens of specific countries, numerous professions are exempt from the quota system. 

In this article, we will explore the details of the work permits and quota-exempt professions and offer guidance on finding employment in Italy.

The Italian government releases an annual decree, known as the “decorative Luci” (exact pronunciation may vary), which outlines the number of work permits to be issued to foreigners from selected countries. 

The quota for 2023 stands at 82,705, with only a few countries, primarily in South Asia and Africa, eligible to apply. 

While the list of eligible countries may change if Italy establishes cooperation agreements with other nations, the current list remains limited.

It is important to note that even if your country is not eligible, there is still a pathway to working in Italy. 

Certain professions are exempt from the quota system, meaning that individuals in these fields can secure employment in Italy without being subject to a limited number of work permits. 

Furthermore, other avenues, such as company transfers, highly qualified professionals, shortage occupations, and obtaining an EU blue pass, also offer opportunities to work in Italy without a work permit.

Italy Work Visas

For those interested in pursuing job opportunities in Italy, here are three recommended websites to begin your search:

  1. Adzuna: Adzuna hosts a comprehensive list of job openings, with approximately 685,000 positions currently available in various industries. While the website is in Italian, translation options facilitate browsing and application processes. It is crucial to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of job postings to avoid falling victim to scams. Research the companies, check their online presence, and connect with employees on platforms like LinkedIn to gain insights and ensure credibility.
  2. Lavoro Turismo: This website specializes in job opportunities within the hospitality and tourism sectors. If you are specifically interested in these fields, Lavoro Turismo offers a wealth of job listings tailored to your preferences. As with any job website, create a profile, upload your CV, and set up job alerts to receive relevant positions directly to your inbox.
  3. Jobs in Milan: If you consider Milan your desired work location, this website provides a platform for finding English-speaking roles in the city. While the range of job opportunities may be more limited than other websites, it offers a targeted approach for those focused on Milan.

Additionally, LinkedIn can serve as a valuable resource for job seekers in Italy. 

Ensuring your LinkedIn profile and resume align with global standards is essential for success. 

While the quotas for work permits are still available as of June 2023, it is advisable to initiate your job search early, as quotas are typically announced in January or February each year.

Proactively seeking opportunities and applying promptly can maximize your chances of securing a work permit.


In conclusion, Italy’s plan to issue over 82,000 work visas presents a promising opportunity for foreigners seeking employment there. 

Whether you are eligible for the quota system or fall under the exemption criteria, leveraging the recommended websites and resources mentioned earlier can significantly aid your job search efforts. 

Remember to stay proactive, research companies, and exercise caution to ensure the legitimacy of job postings and avoid potential scams.

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