Welcome to Allendale's Enchanting 2-story Colonial Abode

Welcome to Allendale’s Enchanting 2-story Colonial Abode

Experience modern, open-concept living amidst old-world elegance. Explore spacious interiors, a generous kitchen island, cutting-edge appliances, and a captivating outdoor retreat in the heart of Allendale.

Dive into the lavish embrace of modern open-concept living gently wrapped in the old-world charm of Allendale’s captivating atmosphere. 

Discover a residence where every corner has been meticulously rejuvenated to showcase contemporary elegance while holding onto its timeless allure.

Nestled Atop a Graceful Hill

Experience the epitome of perfection as the house sits gracefully recessed on a hill. 

An oversized, covered front porch welcomes you, promising serene moments and stunning views, ensuring each visit leaves a delightful imprint.

Step Inside: A Haven of Elegance

Opening the door, you are welcomed by 360-degree views of the main floor, where space dances seamlessly with style, allowing each room to tell its unique story. 

A touch of charm fills the atmosphere, making each step an intimate part of the home’s tale.

A Kitchen That Stirs The Heart

In the heart of the home lies a spacious kitchen that marries function with finesse. 

The generous island stands as a congregation point, inviting gatherings and heartwarming conversations at any time of day. 

Enhanced by soft-close drawers and ample storage spaces, the kitchen experience is curated for utmost convenience and enjoyment. 

Newer stainless steel appliances, paired with a dynamic cooking system double oven, await to breathe life into your favorite family recipes, just in time for delightful holiday baking and entertaining sessions.

Modern Touches of Technology

Experience the fusion of tradition and technology with a Wi-Fi-enabled garage door opener system. 

Accompanied by four switches for exterior lighting, technology ensures that the perfect ambiance is always a simple touch away, adding a warm embrace to the outdoor atmosphere.

An Outdoor Retreat

Unlock the door to a private outdoor paradise. A meticulously curated patio, fire pit, and hot tub await, creating an irresistible allure, promising times filled with warmth and relaxation. 

Every element collaboratively paints a scene of tranquility and charm, making it an absolute must-see.

Recent Renovations and Upgrades

Pride in ownership shines through recent significant upgrades. 

With a new water heater installed in ’21, a robust roof refreshed in ’19, and a furnace updated in ’18, each element has been taken care of with meticulous attention, ensuring a resilient home ready to welcome new memories.

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