Who is Mehmet Dinçerler How old is he Where is Mehmet Dincerler from

Who is Mehmet Dinçerler?

The news that Mehmet Dinçerler, the Turkish CEO of well-known coffee business in Bodrum, was in love with the singer Hadise sparked interest in his life. 

Here are some details regarding Mehmet Dinçerler, Burhan Dinçerler’s son.

The life of the business person became a matter of curiosity. 

Dinçerler, who was previously known with Asena Atalay, had a relationship with Hande Erçel in 2017. 

The couple, who vacationed first in Tulum and then in Bodrum, was photographed together for the first time after returning to Istanbul.

According to the news of Magazine, the couple is holding hands while leaving a place in İstinye. 

When Hadise, one of the duo, panicked when she realized they are watched, left her lover’s hand and ran to her car, Mehmet Dinçerler remained calm.

Who is Mehmet Dinçerler? 

Mehmet Dinçerler originally from Gaziantep Mehmet Dinçerler 

What is Mehmet Dinçerler age? 

Thirty-three years old and a Capricorn. Mehmet Dinçerler

Born in 1988.

Where did Mehmet Dinçerler come from to Turkey?

Gaziantep, formerly known as Aintab or Antep, is the capital of Gaziantep Province, located in Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia Region, some 185 kilometers east of Adana and 97 kilometers north Aleppo, Syria.

The life of Mehmet Dinçerler.

Mehmet Dinçerler is the Turkey CEO of a famous coffee brand. In addition, Shown as one of the most successful names in the business world, Mehmet Dinçerler is a pioneer in Turkey. 

The handsome Mehmet Dinçerler, the second generation name of Hacı Sayid in Turkey, is the son of Burhan Dinçerler, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hacı Sayid.

Business of Mehmet Dinçerler

Burhan Dinçerler, the founder of Hacı Sayid, a well-known brand in baklava, bought the naming rights of Gloria Jean’s Coffees in 2012 and handed over the brand to his son Mehmet Dinçerler. 

Mehmet Dinçerler, who bought and revitalized the coffee chain that was on the verge of extinction years ago in Turkey, managed to keep the brand on the market again with 65 branches in a short time. 

Business of Mehmet Dinçerler
Business of Mehmet Dinçerler

Mehmet Dinçerler Instagram 

The handsome Mehmet Dinçerler, one of the names who frequently uses his Instagram account, was previously mentioned with Asena Atalay. 

Furthermore, the eye-witnessed that Mehmet Dinçerler was together with Hadise.

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