Tokyo's Tsubame Industries Introduces a Real-Life Anime-Inspired Robot

Tokyo’s Tsubame Industries Introduces a Real-Life Anime-Inspired Robot

Tokyo’s Tsubame Industries unveils ARCHAX, a real-life anime-inspired robot. Embrace the fusion of technology and pop culture with this piloted mechanical marvel.

YOKOHAMA, Japan: Science fiction comes alive with the latest innovation from Tokyo-based start-up Tsubame Industries. 

This ambitious company has unveiled its impressive ARCHAX, a 4.5-meter-tall (14.8 feet), four-wheeled robot inspired by the iconic “Mobile Suit Gundam” from the revered Japanese animation series.

Mecha Reality: A Dream Come True

For anime fans and tech enthusiasts alike, the dream of piloting a real-life mecha is now within grasp – for $3 million. 

Tsubame Industries, established in 2021 with the visionary goal of “Turning science fiction into science reality,” has done just that.

Inside the Cockpit: Seamless Manoeuvrability

Designed with an innovative cockpit, ARCHAX features state-of-the-art monitors that showcase live feeds from cameras placed on the robot’s exterior.

 This setup enables the pilot to skilfully operate the robot’s arms and hands using joysticks inside the torso, merging man with machine.

From Robot to Vehicle: A Dual-Mode Marvel

The 3.5-ton giant will debut at the Japan Mobility Show this month, and attendees will witness its two operational modes firsthand. 

In the upright ‘robot mode,’ it stands tall, while the ‘vehicle mode’ allows it to travel at speeds of up to 10 km (6 miles) per hour.

A Legacy of Japanese Expertise

Tsubame Industries
Tsubame Industries

Ryo Yoshida, Tsubame Industries’ dynamic 25-year-old CEO, envisioned a creation that would encapsulate Japan’s excellence in animation, robotics, and automobile sectors. 

“I wanted to create something emblematic of Japan’s spirit,” shared Yoshida. 

Beyond its entertainment value, Yoshida sees potential in ARCHAX’s use for disaster relief and space exploration.

Delving into the Design: Features and Capabilities

Tsubame Industries
Tsubame Industries

The robot is more than just a static spectacle. 

Its body is adorned with nine cameras, four monitors for pilot interaction, and an awe-inspiring start-up sequence, which nostalgically intones phrases like “Hatch closed” and “Main switch on.” 

The intricately designed iron/aluminum alloy frame boasts 26 articulation points, battery-powered for an eco-friendly touch. 

Additionally, its remote-control capability offers versatility for potential owners.

Acquiring the Anime Dream

 Tsubame Industries
Tsubame Industries

The price tag of approximately 400 million yen (US$2.74 million) includes a year’s maintenance, a necessary assurance for such advanced machinery. 

Tsubame Industries is keen to produce only five ARCHAX units initially, guiding potential buyers to email them directly for purchase inquiries.

Considering the high demand and limited availability, enthusiasts should act swiftly. 

After all, owning a piece of the future, especially one that channels a beloved pop culture, is a rare opportunity.

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