Sixt Teams Up with Stellantis for a Massive Fleet Expansion

Sixt Teams Up with Stellantis for a Massive Fleet Expansion

Sixt and Stellantis team up 250,000 new vehicles, including EVs, set to revolutionize the car rental industry by 2026.

A Groundbreaking Deal for the Future of Mobility

In an exciting turn of events, Sixt SE, renowned for its presence in the mobility service sector, has struck a game-changing deal with automotive giant Stellantis. 

Picture this: Sixt, with a network that spans 100 countries and boasts about 2,000 locations, is now gearing up to revolutionize its fleet. 

Moreover, how, you ask? By adding a whopping 250,000 vehicles from Stellantis by 2026!

What is in Store?

This is not just any deal. 

We are discussing a multi-billion euro handshake that will transform Sixt’s fleet in Europe and North America over the next three years. 

The timing is interesting, too, especially with Hertz recently turning heads by selling off around 20,000 EVs and returning to good old combustion engines.

A Diverse Fleet for a Diverse Demand

Sixt is playing its cards differently. 

They have not put a number on how many EVs they will buy, but they have clarified that their shopping list includes a small quantity of everything – yes, that means battery-electric vehicles, too! 

They are planning to pick from every brand under the Stellantis umbrella. Think of it – from Maserati’s luxury to Jeep’s ruggedness and everything in between.

Flexibility and Tech-Savvy Moves

The cool thing about this deal? 

It is super flexible. 

Sixt and Stellantis are not just talking about cars. 

They are looking into incorporating Stellantis’ data service, Mobilisights. 

That means Sixt’s fleet will get much smarter, with cars automatically updating the company on their status. 

Handy, right?

Words from the Top

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares is very excited about the recent development. 

He believes it is an opportunity to provide clean, safe, and affordable mobility. 

According to him, this deal is not just a business transaction but a chance for people to experience Stellantis’s latest technology. 

It is also a significant step for the company to become a sustainable mobility tech player.

Wrapping It Up

So, we are seeing a bold move by Sixt to spice up their fleet and a strategic play by Stellantis in the automotive market. 

It is not just about renting cars anymore. 

It is about offering a variety of choices, embracing technology, and moving forward into a future where cars are more than just a ride – they are a part of the connected world. 

Keep an eye on this partnership; it will be one interesting ride!

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