Sheila Carter's Dangerous Return in The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila Carter’s Dangerous Return in “The Bold and the Beautiful”

Sheila seems to have faked her death and has been hiding since the supposed bear attack. 

However, she was recently discovered by Finn and Steffy, who were shocked to see her at a restaurant called Il Giardino

Sheila escaped the police in a high-speed chase and is now on the run. She has been shown vowing never to be caught or sent back to prison and has been described as being as dangerous as ever, possibly even more so. 

A storm occurs in the upcoming episode, and Sheila is shown driving somewhere during it. She is also shown causing a power outage by throwing a circuit breaker. 

Other characters, including FinnSteffyLiamBillKatieHopeBrooke, and Taylor, are shown reacting with shock to the news of Sheila’s survival and are concerned about what she might do next.

 It needs to be clarified where Sheila is headed or her ultimate plan.

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