Mama June Returns to Georgia to Care for Daughter Anna Amid Cancer Battle

Mama June Returns to Georgia to Care for Daughter Anna Amid Cancer Battle

Mama June, known as “Mama June” Shannon from the reality show “Mama June: Family Crisis,” is moving back to Georgia from Alabama to take care of her daughter Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, who is fighting stage 4 cancer.

Mama June, who is 43 years old, explained that she and her husband, Justin Stroud, have been dividing their time between Alabama and Georgia.

But now, they have moved back to Georgia to support Anna permanently.

Mama June is dealing with legal issues in Alabama but expects to resolve them soon.

When they return to Georgia, they usually stay in an Airbnb to be close to Anna and help her.

Mama June had a complicated relationship with Anna before her cancer diagnosis, but they worked on improving it.

Anna, who is 28 years old and has adrenal carcinoma, a rare cancer, was diagnosed in March.

Mama June admitted they are unsure about Anna’s life expectancy, as the cancer is rare and only a few doctors specialize in treating it.

Anna is undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, and they will have to reassess the treatment if it doesn’t show positive results.

Anna shared on Instagram in May that the chemotherapy was working and things looked good.

Anna is a mother to two daughters, Kaitlyn (10) and Kylee (7), from her previous marriage. She has been dating Eldridge Toney since 2017.

Mama June is the mother of four daughters: Anna, Jessica (26), Lauryn (23), and Alana (17), who is also known as “Honey Boo Boo.”

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