Lizzo and Adele Have a Wild Night at the Grammys

Lizzo and Adele Have a Wild Night at the Grammys

Lizzo and Adele had a wild night at the Grammys! The two friends became very drunk and had much fun at the star-studded event. 

Lizzo admitted to smuggling several flasks of alcohol into the venue, including one for Adele that contained white wine.

According to Lizzo, she and Adele were laughing and chatting all night, even when the cameras were not rolling. 

The singer revealed she drank Adele’s white wine flask after finishing her tequila flask.

Lizzo won big at the Grammys, taking home the Record of the Year award for “About Damn Time.” 

She was shocked and surprised to win such a big award. Adele also won a Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy for her song “Easy on Me.”

Lizzo shared photos on Instagram of her posing with Adele and Beyoncé, who broke the record for the most Grammy wins ever. 

It was a night to remember for the two friends, who had much fun together at the awards show.

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