GENERAL HOSPITAL Babies' Size Explained

GENERAL HOSPITAL Babies’ Size Explained

Recent episodes of GENERAL HOSPITAL have featured big babies, which some viewers found unrealistic.

While some criticized it on social media, others complained and urged the show to do better.

The show’s producers had a reason for this – since COVID, they are no longer comfortable having infants younger than three months on set.

The show could have used dolls or rolled-up hospital blankets, but the producers chose to show actual children for the scenes.

Fans are divided on whether they would have preferred more realistic dolls.

However, many enjoy seeing the cute babies on screen, including Willow, Michael’s daughter, and Esme’s son Ace. Actress Rebecca Herbst (Liz) applauded the decision and called it a win/win.

While the babies’ size may be a little unrealistic, many fans are willing to overlook it for the sake of enjoying the cuteness of Baby Ace and Baby Amelia.

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