GENERAL HOSPITAL Alum Ronnie Marmo's Daughter Announces Engagement

GENERAL HOSPITAL Alum Ronnie Marmo’s Daughter Announces Engagement

GENERAL HOSPITAL actor Ronnie Marmo, known for his role as Ronnie Dimestico, is thrilled to announce his daughter’s engagement! 

Brittany Marmo is engaged to Alycia Tellez, and Ronnie could not be happier.

Ronnie took to Instagram on May 29 to share the exciting news with his followers. 

He posted beautiful photos of the candlelit proposal, capturing the heartfelt moment when he and his wife, Janelle, learned about the engagement and saw the stunning engagement ring. 

Ronnie said:

“My beautiful daughter B Mo (Brittany) is getting married! 

Moreover, I am gaining an incredible daughter, Alycia. I am beyond happy for these two amazing women!”

While the screenshots of the FaceTime conversation between the parents show genuine delight, Ronnie and Janelle were not completely caught off guard by the couple’s announcement. 

Ronnie shared that he had kept a secret since Alycia approached him for his blessing. 

He described the moment as heartwarming and special, mentioning how he had always hoped for this and how it touched him deeply. 

Ronnie expressed his excitement for the future, saying: 

“My heart is full… Onward we go, indeed.”

Brittany happily displayed her engagement ring over FaceTime, showcasing her excitement for the upcoming wedding.

Ronnie Marmo first joined the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL in 2009, portraying the character of police detective Ronnie Dimestico

Initially intended as a short-term role, Ronnie’s character evolved, transitioning from a dedicated good guy fighting against the mob in Port Charles to a villain who framed others for his crimes, assaulted dancers, and kidnapped characters, Sam and Lulu.

Fortunately, Ronnie’s real-life story has been much more positive. 

After proposing to his girlfriend Janelle Gaeta in December 2021, the couple tied the knot in July 2022. 

They are eagerly preparing to attend Brittany and Alycia’s wedding, ready to celebrate the couple’s special day.

With such a beautiful proposal, fans eagerly anticipate the wedding photos!

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