Esme Lili Clemson: GoFundMe, Donations, Surgery of Breasts

Esme Lili Clemson GoFundMe, Donations, Surgery of Breasts

Esme Lili Clemson: This step was taken after Esme Lili Clemson request for the procedure was denied by the UK’s funded health service National Health Service (NHS) and she decided to fundraise by GoFundMe

Esme Lili Clemson detailed story here and brief is below, which she has expressed on GoFundMe. (£3,100 raised of £6,000 goal)

Esme Lili Clemson: Story on GoFundMe

Hello, my name is Lili, and I have wanted to have a breast reduction since I was 14, and I am now almost 21.

For reference in the photos below, my correct Bra size is a 32JJ/K

I have been going to my GP from 14-18, begging to get the surgery.

Due to bullying, over-sexualisation at a young age and the development of depression, body dysmorphia and anxiety.

Since then, I have had yearly checkups at the hospital to see if I’m eligible to get it from the NHS.

But every year, I have left the appointment feeling worse than I started with because they will reject my offer and tell me to ‘come back next year’.

The doctors would say I am too fat, or I am not old enough.

This year I left the hospital appointment in complete tears and proceeded to have an ongoing panic attack for the rest of the day and had to call in sick at work due to my mental health.

Every time I have a checkup, I will thoroughly explain how badly my breasts affect my everyday life;

Esme Lili Clemson GoFundMe, Donations, Surgery of Breasts
Esme Lili Clemson GoFundMe, Donations, Surgery of Breasts

Example: Due to the hefty breast weight that I carry daily, my shoulders and upper back are in constant pain.

I find it worsens when I am at work.

Since puberty, I have never felt secure because individuals in high school and society have always treated me as an object.

It got to the point in my life where I thought I was transgender for two years because I would not say I liked the body I was in so bad mentally I felt I was born the wrong gender.

However, I have since grown to love the gender I am and realised the cause of my problems just stemmed from my breasts.

I cannot wear the clothes I want as all that fit me are oversized t-shirts and hoodies.

I am also highly uncomfortable going out in public settings wearing a low cut top or anything figure-hugging due to being catcalled and other disgusting acts on the street by men.

I want to exercise and be the healthiest person I can be, but I find it difficult to exercise for long periods or even stand up straight due to the weight I carry on my chest.

I also find it very difficult to lose weight on top of that.

National Health Service is constantly rejecting my plea to have a breast reduction, and I now have to get it done privately and pay the total price to be happy again finally.

The average price for my breast reduction can range between £6000-£10,000, and I cannot afford it due to my current working situation.

However, this operation means everything in the world to me, and when I get it done, I will be a much happier person.

Thank you so much if you have read everything up to this point, and just sharing this link would mean so much to me.

Kindly share this article to help me.

Once again, Thank You

– Esme Lili Clemson

Esme Lili Clemson GoFundMe, Donations, Surgery of Breasts
Esme Lili Clemson GoFundMe, Donations, Surgery of Breasts

Comments by donors to Esme Lili Clemson

“Although I am a big woman, I also have huge breasts, and I understand how awful it is. I`m 34, and this lady is so young and deserves a life with no pain or discomfort. I hope you raise what you need.” – Jessica Ashworth, who donated £5

“Feeling for you, Lili. Must be a nightmare”. – Sana Ali Khan, who donated £10

“I can’t begin to imagine how I’d cope with that daily discomfort. I’m so sorry the NHS has let you down.” . – Hayley Ratcliffe, who donated 10

Take it from me that you are best to go privately because then you will be in charge of want you “want” and not at the mercy of the NHS. Take a look at CC Kat. She is a fantastic surgeon operating out of Birmingham. She is an excellent surgeon and very transparent. I wish you all the best and hope you get this life-changing surgery that you more than need and deserve. – Colette Baits Tomlin, who donated £10

As of the time of this publication, her fundraising appeal has garnered the sum of £3,000 raised of £6,000 goal.


Why is Esme Lili Clemson fundraising for breast reduction surgery?

Esme Lili Clemson is fundraising for breast reduction surgery because her request for the procedure was denied by the UK’s funded health service, the National Health Service (NHS). She has been struggling with physical and emotional challenges caused by her large breasts, including pain, body dysmorphia, anxiety, and difficulties in everyday life.

Why did the NHS reject Esme Lili Clemson’s request for breast reduction surgery?

According to Esme Lili Clemson’s account, the NHS rejected her request for being overweight and not meeting the required age criteria.

How have Esme Lili Clemson’s large breasts affected her life?

Esme Lili Clemson’s large breasts have caused constant shoulder and upper back pain. She has faced bullying, over-sexualization, and discrimination due to her breast size. The psychological impact has led to depression, body dysmorphia, anxiety, and discomfort in public settings. It has also limited her clothing choices and made exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

The average cost of breast reduction surgery for Esme Lili Clemson is estimated to be between £6,000 and £10,000.

Why is Esme Lili Clemson unable to afford the surgery herself?

Esme Lili Clemson’s current working situation does not allow her to afford the cost of breast reduction surgery. Therefore, she is relying on fundraising and donations to cover the expenses.

How can I contribute to Esme Lili Clemson’s fundraising for the surgery?

You can contribute to Esme Lili Clemson’s fundraising by donating through her GoFundMe page. The page provides an opportunity to make financial contributions to support her cause.

Are there any comments from previous donors?

Yes, there are comments from previous donors who have expressed empathy and support for Esme Lili Clemson’s situation. They have shared their own experiences and are encouraged. Some of the comments from donors are included in the original content.

How much money has Esme Lili Clemson raised so far?

Esme Lili Clemson has raised £3,000 of her £6,000 fundraising goal as of this publication.

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