UK Women Esme Lili Clemson

UK Women Esme Lili Clemson

Esme Lili Clemson’s chest is so big that, burnt on Hotel’s grill.

Esme Lili Clemson

Chest is so big that, burnt on Hotel’s grill, National Health Service still will not allow it to have a breast reduction operation, says Esme’ Lili’ Clemson.

Esme’ Lili’ Clemson, from Wolverhampton, UK, cleaned up at the fast-food restaurant when one of her 32JJ breasts touched the scorching hot grill.

The wicked event was only one of many painful incidents she has endured due to her ample breast.

School Experience 

Some of her school experiences, which she referred to as “huge chest,” have left the 20-year-old traumatized.

She continues to receive strange comments about her body from men on the street to this day.

Esme has reached a breaking point, and she is turning to strangers for assistance in paying for a private breast reduction after the National Health Service turned her down.

Esme’ Lili’ Clemson Mammary Gland Size

“My breast is currently 32JJ/K,” she told the press. “My age group is usually 32C.”

“There is not even a single day at all that goes by when I do not think having boobs cut.” It would be enormously helpful.

“I would not wish to give these kind boobs to my worst enemy,” says Esme’ Lili’ Clemson.

“It is not a good thing. Esme’s melons are not perky; they sag, droop, have stretch marks all over them, and are not appealing or appealing to the eye.”

Medical Problems

Her bust has created various medical problems, such as back pain and sluggishness, but the most painful incident was burning her boob at the Hotel.

How did it happen? 

“I bent too far forward when cleaning the rear of the grill, and I burned one side of my nipple as I was leaning over,” she explained.

Esme’ Lili’ Clemson Story

Esme also mentioned that she had pimples on her breasts, which she attributes to their size.

“Because there is very much skin around my body and chest area, it absorbs sweat, and I develop pimples in various places,” she explained.

“It makes my boobs look even worse, which makes me feel horrible.”

Esme’s breasts have not only caused her bodily suffering, but they have also caused her mental distress.

When her boobs grew from a B cup to an E cup between the ages of 13 and 14, she became the centre of unwanted attention at school.

Esme’s breasts grew one or two cup sizes each year following that, exciting sarcastic remarks from several of her classmates.

Esme’ Lili’ Clemson Boyfriend

“I had a lot more boyfriends than girlfriends,” she explained, “and my breast were constantly a running joke or topic of talk.”

“People tend to oversexualize it.

Big chest, as a result, it does frighten a little.”

“‘I just like you for your physique, not your face,’ told one man I had a crush on in high school.”

“I always wore a blazer because I felt self-conscious about my chest and did not want to draw attention to them. So as a result, continue to hide them.”

Esme Lili Clemson Boobs
Beautiful Esme Lili Clemson

People Comments

Last month, she was approached on the street by males who made derogatory remarks about her body.

Esme told the media: “I was in London last month and was catcalled seven times in one day by various people.”

“I was wearing a crop top and cycling shorts, and while I was out with my friends, a guy followed me down the street and made vulgar comments about my body.”

“I continued telling him to leave, but he refused. It is something I am used to with it. When anybody has a figure like mine, it is far more difficult to avoid.”

National Health Service (NHS)

Since 2018, Esme has been pleading with the National Health Service for a breast decrease. Doctors, however, advised her she could not get one since she was overweight and under the age of 21.

She then went down two dress sizes, from a 16 to a 12, and wanted to have the surgery done this year.

In April, though, she was informed that her BMI was still too high.

Esme and Cannada

When Esme received the bad news, she burst into tears because it was her only chance to have the operation before her family shifting to Canada in September.

She stated, “I have been coming to appointments every year since I turned 18. However, something is always awry.”

Esme’s BMI

“The first time, it was because my BMI was excessively high.” Moreover, she was too young for the operation.

“I was 18 when they told me I needed to be 21.” Covid began the following year. Esme told the media.

“They stated we would see you next year because they could not see anyone because of lockdown.”

“Then, in April of this year, I had an appointment.” The goal was to complete all of the pre-operation paperwork by the time I turned 21 and then schedule my surgery for July.

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