Brooke and Taylor from 'The Bold and the Beautiful' Form Unexpected Bond

Brooke and Taylor from The Bold and the Beautiful Form Unexpected Bond

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Brooke and Taylor have become good friends, a surprising twist in their relationship after realizing they are better off without Ridge.

The actresses Krista Allen and Katherine Kelly Lang had a blast with the new development.

They spoke about it in a recent interview on BOLD LIVE, a YouTube show hosted by B&B supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk.

Lang stated that it had been a long time since Brooke had a friend, and it was nice to see her bond with Taylor.

However, a few viewers think the friendship formed too quickly, but Lang disagrees, saying the two characters have known each other forever and gone through a lot together.

Allen believes that this time around, the friendship will last, as it is coming from a deeper level for both of them.

Some fans even speculate that the friendship could turn romantic for the leading ladies, but Lang and Allen are happy with where things stand now.

“When all of this happened, we finally saw each other as women instead of rivals,” said Allen, while Lang agreed that their characters “finally realized we have more in common than we ever thought.”

Keep watching B&B to see what is next for Brooke and Taylor’s friendship.

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