Alicia Leigh Willis Talks About Leaving General Hospital

Alicia Leigh Willis Talks About Leaving General Hospital

Alicia Leigh Willis the actress who played Courtney on the popular soap opera “General Hospital,” recently opened up about why she left the show in 2006.

In an episode of Maurice Benard’s YouTube series “State of Mind,” Willis revealed that Benard’s behavior while struggling with bipolar disorder was a big factor in her decision.

“I was close with Maurice, and I took things personally,” said Willis.

“I did not know which Maurice I would get each day, and it made me feel scared and like I had done something wrong.”

Willis added that there were other reasons for her departure from the show, but the backstage drama was a significant part.

“The last year on the show was tough for me,” she said.

“I would cry in my dressing room. Finally, I was so unhappy that I could not stay even though they offered me another four years.”

After Benard was diagnosed and got his condition under control, Willis realized what had been happening.

“After I saw the Oprah interview, it clicked,” she told Benard. “Your journey is incredible; people need to talk about it.”

Willis wishes the mental health issue had been discussed more openly in the past, as it could have made things easier for everyone involved.

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