Types Of Baby Cries

9 Different Types Of Baby Cries

Understanding a newborn can be hard enough as it is. However, not knowing what they want when they cry can make life more complicated.

Luckily, several moms shared how you can know exactly what your baby needs.

Types Of Baby Cries

There are nine different types of cries, and each one means something different.


As if to suckle, Baby’s tongue sticks to his palate, and the sound that comes out is “neh,” baby needs to eat.

Types Of Baby Cries


Knowing when to burp your little one can not always be obvious, but if they make lots of little ‘eh’ sounds, this can be a significant indicator.

Types Of Baby Cries


The mouth opens wide, the tongue flattens down and recedes, to make the ‘aoh’ sound.

Types Of Baby Cries

Stomach Pain

The sounds are longer than other cries, and they squirm as they let it all out.

Types Of Baby Cries


The cry for this sounds like ‘heh’ and stands out from many others.

Types Of Baby Cries


It is important to note: “This sound is accompanied by increased salivation, and it seems to rub its gums against each other. So you can offer Baby a teething ring.”

Types Of Baby Cries


The heart-breaking cry sounds like ‘Lelaol,’ the pros say

Types Of Baby Cries


When your newborn needs a drink, they will let out a ‘nah’ sound.

Types Of Baby Cries

Everything Wrong

When everything is wrong, babies will cry too, and it sounds like ‘ouin.’

Types Of Baby Cries

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