Travel Influencer's Guide to Beginner Backpacking

Travel Influencer’s Guide to Beginner Backpacking

Discover beginner-friendly backpacking destinations with travel influencer Tom Grond’s insights on affordable, safe Southeast Asia travel.

Discovering the Ideal Backpacking Destinations for Rookies

A passionate full-time traveler, Tom Grond, who left his government job 11 years ago to explore the world, has become a significant source of inspiration for aspiring backpackers. 

Originally from Holland, the 39-year-old has explored over 159 countries, documenting his experiences on his blog, TravelTomTom, and various social media platforms. 

His journey, which aims to cover every nation globally, has garnered a substantial following, encouraging others to embark on their adventures.

Southeast Asia: The Perfect Starting Point

In a recent interview with THOUSIF Inc. – WORLDWIDE, Tom highlighted some ‘affordable’ and ‘cheap’ destinations ideal for beginner travelers, pointing out which places they should avoid. 

His top recommendation for novices is Southeast Asia. 

This region, encompassing 11 countries, including ThailandSingaporeMalaysia, and Indonesia, is particularly welcoming to tourism, young people, and backpackers.

Why Southeast Asia?

Tom emphasizes the ease of travel in Southeast Asia, noting its affordability as a primary factor. 

Even with modest savings, one can afford a trip to this region, making it a perfect choice for first-time international travel. 

Additionally, he cites safety as a key reason for its popularity, with numerous other backpackers exploring the same areas.

The Simplicity and Beauty of Southeast Asia

The region’s climate is another advantage, reducing the need to pack extensive clothing. 

Travelers can immerse themselves in ‘island life’ and bring the essentials. Tom also praises the region’s stunning landscapes, mountains, unique culture, and welcoming locals.

Other Recommendations and Warnings

Tom suggests saving money and opting for countries like Nepal and Pakistan, which he loves for their beautiful scenery and hospitable people. 

He advises against starting with luxurious destinations like Australia or Hawaii, which can be prohibitively expensive for beginners. 

He recounts his experience in Hawaii, where financial constraints limited his enjoyment.

Avoiding Complex and Costly Regions

Tom recommends steering clear of the Middle East for first-time travelers, citing its complexity and expense. 

While acknowledging the allure of countries like TurkeySyria, or Iran, he believes they are better suited for more seasoned travelers due to cultural differences and stricter regulations.

The Verdict: Start with Southeast Asia

Summing up, Tom strongly advocates for Southeast Asia as the go-to destination for beginner backpackers, given its ease of travel, affordability, safety, and cultural richness. 

His advice offers a roadmap for those looking to start their backpacking journey in a region that is both accessible and enchanting.

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