Trails & Tales Update Now Available for Minecraft Java Edition

Trails & Tales Update Now Available for Minecraft Java Edition

Today marks a special occasion for Minecraft enthusiasts as the highly anticipated Trails & Tales update is officially released for the Java edition of the game. 

Get ready to embark on exciting new adventures armed with your trusty brush and mounted on a camel!

Exciting New Features Await

The Trails & Tales update combines all the features and changes previously introduced in the experimental pack called “Update 1.20.” 

Here is a rundown of what you can expect:

Archaeology Unearthed

Discover the captivating world of archaeology within Minecraft. 

With the addition of the Brush item, you can now uncover buried treasures from the past. 

Keep an eye out for Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel, which can be found in Desert Temples, Desert Wells, Warm Ocean Ruins, Cold Ocean Ruins, and Trail Ruins.

Be warned that these delicate blocks are easily destroyed, so exercise caution. 

Use the Brush on Suspicious Sand or Suspicious Gravel to reveal long-lost objects. 

The Trail Ruins, a buried structure from a forgotten civilization, can be found in Taigas, Snowy Taigas, Old Growth forest biomes, and Jungles. 

You can discover four types of Armor Trim Templates within these ruins and even find a new music disc called “Relic” by Aaron Cherof.

Pottery and Decorated Pots

Unearth Pottery Sherds during your archaeological expeditions. 

These fragments feature intricate pictures and can be found in various Archaeology sites, such as Desert Wells, Desert Temples, Cold Ocean Ruins, Warm Ocean Ruins, and Trail Ruins. 

Combine four Pottery Sherds to create a Decorated Pot with images on each side. 

You can also use Brick items in the recipe, but the sides made from Bricks will not have pictures. 

If you wish to revert the Decorated Pot to Pottery Sherds, break it with a block-breaking tool.

Meet the Sniffer

As the winner of the mob vote in Minecraft Live 2022, the Sniffer makes its adorable debut in this update. 

Sniffers are friendly, passive mobs with the unique ability to sniff the air and dig for seeds. 

They can dig grass and dirt-like blocks and occasionally produce Torchflower Seeds or Pitcher Pod items. 

These seeds are essential for breeding Sniffers and can be planted on Farmland to grow into beautiful Torchflowers. 

Harvest the Torchflowers to craft Orange Dye.

Pitcher Plants and Cyan Dye

The Sniffer can also dig up Pitcher Pods, which can be planted on Farmland to grow Pitcher Crops. 

The Pitcher Crop goes through five growth stages until it becomes a two-block-tall Pitcher Plant. 

Harvesting the fully grown Pitcher Plant rewards you with Cyan Dye.

Additional Enhancements and Additions

The Trails & Tales update also brings a host of other improvements, such as the addition of the Camel mob, new Smithing Template items, a redesigned Smithing Table, a system to customize armor with armor trimming visually, changes to the Netherite equipment crafting process, the Cherry Grove biome and Cherry Wood Set, the Bamboo Wood Set, the Chiseled Bookshelf block, Hanging Signs, enhanced customization options for Signs, the Calibrated Sculk Sensor block, vibration resonance functionality for Blocks of Amethyst, playable mob sounds using Mob Heads on Note Blocks, and the new Piglin Mob Head. 

Moreover, you can enjoy new music tracks in the Cherry Groves, Deserts, Jungles, Badlands, and Flower Forest biomes.

ArchaeologyAdded craftable Brush item
Added Suspicious Sand and Suspicious Gravel
Suspicious Sand found in Desert Temples, Desert Wells, and Warm Ocean Ruins
Suspicious Gravel found in Cold Ocean Ruins and Trail Ruins
Brushing Suspicious Sand or Suspicious Gravel extracts buried objects
Added Trail Ruins, a buried structure with Armor Trim Templates and a music disc
Decorated PotsCraft Pottery Sherds into Decorated Pots with pictures
Brick items can be used as an alternative
Breaking Decorated Pots yields Pottery Sherds or intact pots
SnifferPassive mob that sniffs the air and occasionally digs for seeds
Digs grass and dirt-like blocks
Can be bred with Torchflower Seeds
Sniffer EggObtained by brushing Suspicious Sand in Warm Ocean Ruins
Hatches into a Sniffer when placed in the world
TorchflowersSniffer occasionally sniffs up Torchflower Seeds
Seeds can be planted on Farmland and grow into Torchflowers
Harvested flowers can be replanted and crafted into Orange Dye
Pitcher PlantSniffer occasionally sniffs up Pitcher Pod items
Pod planted on Farmland grows into Pitcher Crop
Fully grown Crop can be harvested, yielding a two-block-tall Pitcher Plant
Plant can be crafted into Cyan Dye
Additional FeaturesCamel mob added
Smithing Template items and redesigned Smithing Table
Armor trimming system for visual customization
Changes to Netherite equipment crafting
Cherry Grove biome and Cherry Wood Set
Bamboo Wood Set
Chiseled Bookshelf block
Hanging Signs
Improved customization options for Signs
Calibrated Sculk Sensor block
Vibration resonance functionality for Blocks of Amethyst
Playable mob sounds with Mob Heads on Note Blocks
Added Piglin Mob Head
New music tracks in various biomes
CompatibilityAdded support for Windows Aarch64/ARM64

Compatibility and Availability

The Trails & Tales update also extends support to Windows Aarch64/ARM64, ensuring compatibility with a broader range of devices.

To experience all these exciting new features and embark on thrilling adventures, update your Minecraft Java edition today and set off on a journey like no other!

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