Top Travel Websites for Solo Female Adventurers in 2023

Top Travel Websites for Solo Female Adventurers in 2023

Discover the top travel websites for solo female travelers in 2023, offering resources, connections, and support to ensure safe and unforgettable adventures.

Traveling solo as a female can be an exhilarating and empowering experience. 

However, it is crucial to prioritize safety and make informed decisions while planning your journey. 

Furthermore, as a solo female traveler, it is essential to have access to the right resources, ensuring you find the best accommodations, activities, and travel buddies. 

Today, we bring you the top travel websites for solo female travelers in 2023. 

These resources offer the latest information, cater to female-specific needs, and help you make the most of your adventures! and also check out Guide to Hawaii: Top Travel Questions Answered!


Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

Tourlina is a female-only travel app designed to help you find and connect with like-minded women while exploring the world. 

This app lets you create a profile, add your travel interests, and match with potential travel buddies who share your passions. 

So whether you are looking for a workout partner, a cultural aficionado, or someone to share a meal with, Tourlina can help you make connections and forge friendships worldwide.

Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

Solo Female Travelers is a comprehensive website that caters specifically to women traveling alone. 

The site offers extensive resources, from practical advice on packing and staying safe to inspiring stories from fellow solo female travelers. 

The website features a blog with articles on various topics, including budget travel, luxury escapes, and cultural experiences. 

Additionally, they have a dedicated Facebook group where you can connect with other female travelers, exchange tips, and share your experiences.

The Solo Female Traveler Network

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

This platform empowers and supports solo female travelers by offering resources, tips, and a supportive online community. 

The Solo Female Traveler Network connects women through Facebook groups, providing a space to discuss travel-related topics and make new friends. 

The website also features a blog with insightful articles, travel guides, and itineraries for various destinations worldwide.


Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

JourneyWoman is a women-focused travel platform that offers tips, advice, and inspiration for female travelers of all ages. 

The website covers health and wellness, travel gear, solo travel, and cultural experiences. 

In addition, the JourneyWoman community organizes events, workshops, and webinars to foster connections among female travelers and inspire them to explore the world confidently.


Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

Sheswonderful is a global membership community for female travelers that provides resources, connections, and support. 

The platform features a blog with destination guides, travel tips, and personal stories from fellow female adventurers. 

Additionally, Sheswonderful offers a home-sharing network, allowing women to find safe and affordable accommodations with other female hosts worldwide.

Girl About the Globe

Solo Female Traveler
Solo Female Traveler

Girl About the Globe is a travel website focusing on responsible and ethical travel for solo female travelers. 

The site provides destination guides, tips, advice, and resources for women interested in volunteering, eco-travel, and cultural immersion. 

The Girl About the Globe community also raises funds to support various projects and charities worldwide, allowing you to make a difference as you explore.

Essential Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Embarking on a solo adventure can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for women. 

However, safety should always be a priority. 

Here are some crucial tips and advice for solo female travelers to stay safe and enjoy their journey confidently.

  1. Research your destination: Before you set off, research the local customs, culture, and crime rates of your destination. This will help you understand what to expect, plan accordingly, and avoid potential trouble.
  2. Choose safe accommodations: Opt for reputable hotels, hostels, or homestays with positive reviews from fellow female travelers. Ensure your accommodation has 24-hour security and is located in a safe neighborhood.
  3. Be cautious with new acquaintances: While it is great to make new friends, trust your instincts when interacting with strangers. Keep personal information private and avoid disclosing your travel plans or accommodations to people you have just met.
  4. Dress modestly and blend in: Dress appropriately for the local culture to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Try to blend in with the locals by wearing clothing that adheres to the customs of the country you are visiting.
  5. Keep your belongings secure: Use a money belt, hidden pockets, or a crossbody bag with secure closures to keep your valuables safe. Avoid flashing expensive items, such as jewelry, smartphones, or cameras, in public.
  6. Stay connected: Share your itinerary with friends or family, and regularly update them on your whereabouts. Carry a fully charged phone with a local SIM card, and save emergency numbers, such as the local police and your country’s embassy, in your contacts.
  7. Be mindful of your surroundings: Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded areas or when using public transportation. Avoid walking alone at night, and stick to well-lit, populated areas.
  8. Learn basic self-defense: Equip yourself with basic self-defense techniques to boost your confidence and help you feel more secure while traveling alone.
  9. Have a backup plan: In an emergency, have a plan. This could include knowing the location of the nearest hospital, having travel insurance, or carrying a small emergency kit with essential items like a whistle, flashlight, and pepper spray (if allowed in your destination).
  10. Trust your instincts: Always trust your gut feeling when something seems wrong. If a situation or person makes you uncomfortable, remove yourself from that situation without hesitation.

By following these safety tips and advice, solo female travelers can feel more confident and prepared for their adventures, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience. 


These top travel websites for solo female travelers provide valuable information, support, and connections to help you have a safe and enriching travel experience. 

Whether you embark on your first solo trip or are a seasoned traveler, these resources will empower you to explore the world confidently.

Happy travels!

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