South Florida's New Luxury Glamping Experience

South Florida’s New Luxury Glamping Experience

Experience luxury glamping in South Florida’s Lulu Glamping domes. Sleep under the stars with five-star amenities just minutes from Miami.

Sleep Beneath the Stars in Geodesic Domes

South Florida's New Luxury Glamping
South Florida’s New Luxury Glamping

Miami — Imagine sleeping under the vast expanse of the starry night sky but with all the luxury of a five-star hotel. 

That is what a brand-new glamping site in South Florida offers. 

Dubbed Lulu Glamping, this project by renowned entrepreneur Volodymir Hahonin promises an experience like no other.

From Luxury Stays to Night Sky Gazing

South Florida's New Luxury Glamping
South Florida’s New Luxury Glamping

Situated a mere 40-minute drive away from Miami International Airport (MIA), Lulu Glamping boasts geodesic domes spanning an impressive 1,100 square feet each. 

With the capacity to host up to four guests, these domes come equipped with lavish amenities that rival any luxury hotel. 

Inside, guests will be treated to king-size beds, fully functional kitchenettes, lounge areas equipped with TVs, and separate domed bathrooms featuring a soaking tub and shower.

However, the standout feature has to be the 13-foot window ceiling. 

As night descends, guests can drift into slumber beneath a mesmerizing blanket of stars, bridging the gap between the comforts of indoors and the beauty of nature.

More than Just a Place to Sleep

South Florida's New Luxury Glamping
South Florida’s New Luxury Glamping

Guests are still looking for options outside the comfort of their domes. 

Relaxation is guaranteed, whether indulging in some spa time with a private hot tub, dining under individual pergolas, or simply unwinding on private patios. 

For those looking to bond with fellow glampers, a communal fire pit and barbecue area are perfect for socializing.

Moreover, for those itching to stretch their legs? 

Lulu Glamping has got them covered. 

The resort offers outdoor yoga sessions, workout spaces, and manicured nature trails perfect for leisurely walks. 

Moreover, if exploration is on your mind, the dedicated staff is ever-ready to assist guests with trips to local attractions, be it the enigmatic Coral Castle or the lively Miami Zoo.

Limited Time Booking Discounts

For anyone keen to book their luxury glamping experience, Lulu Glamping offers tempting discounts via their Indiegogo fundraising campaign. 

Even though the campaign has reached its funding goals, potential guests can still avail up to a whopping 50% discount on their bookings. 

However, it is best to act fast, as slots are filling up rapidly, and prices are set to soar once the campaign wraps up.

Lulu Glamping is the place for those dreaming of a unique getaway that combines nature and luxury.

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