Seda Akgül Tagergets Defne Samyeli Who is Defne Samyeli, Age, Education, Family, Job

Seda Akgül Targets Defne Samyeli

Defne Samyeli is a name that frequently comes on the magazine. However, Defne Samyeli is a Turkish TV presenter, columnist, singer and actress.

Defne Samyeli Biography

Born: July 1, 1972 (age 49 years), İstanbul, Turkey
Spouse: Eren Talu (1995–2011)
Education: Boğaziçi University
Children: Deren Talu, Derin Talu
Siblings: Sühan Samyeli
Parents: Haluk Samyeli, Sendegül Samyeli

Seda Akgül Tagergets Defne Samyeli  Who is Defne Samyeli, Age, Education, Family, Job
Defne Samyeli Beach Images


Defne Samyeli is the second daughter of a family originally from Malatya city in Turkey.

TRT Istanbul Radio

Samyeli entered the children’s choir of TRT Istanbul Radio. Moreover, She graduated from Nişantaşı Anatolian High School with third place.

After being the focus of recent tabloid headlines, Defne Samyeli rose to fame.

Boğaziçi University

Defne Samyeli studied at Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry. However, after years of school, which was left unfinished due to competitions and business life.

Samyeli graduated from the department of business administration, which she transferred later.

Defne Samyeli Hot
Defne Samyeli Instagram

Magic Box

She became the “third beauty of Turkey” in the beauty pageant of Magic Box or Inter Star, which she participated in on April 24, 1991.

European Beauty Pageant

Actress Samyeli then placed fourth at the European Beauty Pageant in Senegal. After that, however, the competition winner is eliminated for some reason, and Defne Samyeli wears the third place crown again.

Youngster Galaxy and Tuesday Market

She started to appear on Inter Star screens with a youth program called “Youngster Galaxy” and then with a program called “Salı Pazarı”.

Defne Samyeli Latest Images
Defne Samyeli Latest Images

İyi Günler Türkiye

In 1991, she became more known with the morning show “İyi Günler Türkiye”, which she presented with Ümit Aktan on the Magic Box Channel.

She was the news presenter of the Kanal D main news bulletin under the direction of Tuncay Özkan.

Milliyet Newspaper

TV presenter turned actress Defne Samyeli worked as a columnist for Milliyet Newspaper, the leading news editor and presenter of Show TV, and Güneş Newspaper.

Melih Kibar

One day, one of her dreams comes true with Melih Kibar, the guest of the live broadcast.

Defne Samyeli has an album called “Tek Başına”, which consists of Melih Kibar songs dated July 4, 1994.

Show’da Show

In 1994, she made an entertainment program called “Show’da Show” on Show TV. After that, she went to Kanal D.

After presenting the program “Şakalamaca” for a while, she presented the news program “Through the Night”.

Defne Samyeli, who is also the editor, appeared as the “anchorwoman” of Kanal D in October 1999.

Defne Samyeli Fights Cancer

Defne Samyeli got uterine cancer in 2000. However, she got treated and recovered. Later went to America in July 2000 and had an operation in New York.

The actress Samyeli returned to America on September 11, 2000, on Kanal D screen. Later, samyeli transferred to Show TV on July 15, 2002.

Ali Kırca

Defne Samyeli became unemployed when she came to Show TV with the Ali Kırca team in 2008.

Defne Samyeli in Black
Defne Samyeli in Black

Defne Her şey Bambaşka 

The actress presented the program “Defne Her şey Bambaşka”, broadcast on ATV for a while since May 2010.

Defne Samyeli got married to architect Eren Talu on June 29 1995. In October 2009, Samyeli filed for divorce. They divorced 16 years later, in 2011.

They have two daughters named Deren and Derin. She gave birth to her first daughter, Deren, in 1996 in Las Vegas. The baby’s name comes from a combination of his parents’ names.

Defne Samyeli’s TV programs

  1. 1991–1994: Salı Pazarı (Star TV)
  2. 1992–1993: İyi Günler Türkiye (Star TV)
  3. 1994: Pazar Show (Show TV)
  4. 1994–1995: Show’da Show (Show TV)
  5. 1996: Şakalamaca (Kanal D)
  6. 1996–1999: Defne Samyeli ile Gecenin İçinden (Kanal D)
  7. 1998: Defne Samyeli ile Flaş Haber (Kanal D)
  8. 1999–2002: Kanal D Ana Haber Bülteni (Kanal D)
  9. 2002: Seçim 2002 (Show TV)
  10. 2002–2007: Show TV Ana Haber Bülteni (Show TV)
  11. 2004: Seçim 2004 (Show TV)
  12. 2006: Vizyon (Show TV)
  13. 2007: Seçim 2007 (Show TV)
  14. 2010: Herşey Bambaşka (ATV)
  15. 2011: 45 Dakika (A Haber)
  16. 2011: Söz Teması (A Haber)
Defne Samyeli
Defne Samyeli

Hüsamettin Özkan

In 2003, her second daughter Derin was born. After that, Defne Samyeli got engaged to Emre Alkin, the former son-in-law of politician Hüsamettin Özkan after her divorce.

Defne Samyeli played the leading role with Cem Davran in the TV series Babam Sınıfta Kaldı, the script written by Gani Müjde.

Actress Samyeli left her column for Milliyet Newspaper on January 3, 2015.

Samyeli joined the 9th season of “Kurtlar Vadisi Ambush” on August 16, 2015, as ‘Agent Zeynep’.

Defne Samyeli TV series

  1. 2013: Babam Sınıfta Kaldı (Çiğdem) (Fox TV)
  2. 2015–2016: Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu (Asya/Zeynep) (Kanal D)
  3. 2018: İstanbullu Gelin (Star TV)
  4. 2020: Hekimoğlu (Kanal D)
  5. 2020–2021: Sol Yanım (Asena) (Star TV)

Seda Akgül

Seda Akgül, who often comes to the fore with famous polemics, targeted Defne Samyeli.

Seda Akgül Tagergets Defne Samyeli | Who is Defne Samyeli, Age, Education, Family, Job
Seda Akgül Targets Defne Samyeli

Akgül shared a post on his Instagram account.

“O Turkish people, be careful whom you make famous,” Akgül mentioned, sharing a video of Defne Samyeli, a former news anchor and also a musician.


Seda Akgül shared, “The truth of Defne Samyeli? In what country can a woman read the news for years after presenting such a fetish program?

Yes, she graduated from a good school, but she did not get the necessary education.

“O Turkish people; Recognize who, why, and why you glorify. She’s not jealous, spinning the roads, while the injustice was done to you right,” – Seda Akgül

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