Salon Zahra Season 2

Salon Zahra Season 2

Salon Zahra season 2 is the continuation of Salon Zahra season 1, where the series starts from the exact point in the same street where season 1 finished.

The lead characters, Anas and Zahra, played by Nadine Nassib Njeim and Moatasem Al Nahar, are married and are also jealous of each other.

In season 2, the following actors and actresses are working, and the team is appreciated worldwide, including non-Arabic-speaking people.

  • Nadine Njeim
  • Moatasem Al Nahar
  • Fadi Abi Samra
  • Junaid Zeineldine
  • Carol Abboud
  • Leen Gherra

Salon Zahra Episodes صالون زهرة الحلقة

Salon Zahra is one of those series that has helped Arabic content to come in front of the world.

Salon Zahra Series 1 (Season 1) has fifteen episodes, and Salon Zahra Series 2 (Season 2) has ten.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episodes

Episodes 1English, Arabic, French46:53 Arabic
Episodes 2 English, Arabic, French 45:19 Arabic
Episodes 3English, Arabic, French 45:58 Arabic
Episodes 4English, Arabic, French 50:23 Arabic
Episodes 5English, Arabic, French 42:10 Arabic
Episodes 6English, Arabic, French 44:32 Arabic
Episodes 7English, Arabic, French 38:11 Arabic
Episodes 8English, Arabic, French36:53 Arabic
Episodes 9English, Arabic, French45:00 Arabic
Episodes 10English, Arabic, French39:33 Arabic

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FAQ’s Salon Zahra Season 2

Where to watch Salon Zahra Season 2

You can watch it on the THOUSIF Inc. – Arabic | Telegram

Is the Salon Zahra Season 2 on Netflix

No, The Salon Zahra Series is only available on Shahid

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