Salon Zahra Season 2

Salon Zahra Season 2

Salon Zahra season 2 is the continuation of Salon Zahra Season 1, where the series starts from the exact point in the same street where season 1 finished.

The lead characters, Anas and Zahra, played by Nadine Nassib Njeim and Moatasem Al Nahar, are married and are also jealous of each other.

In season 2, the following actors and actresses are working, and the team is appreciated worldwide, including non-Arabic-speaking people.

  • Nadine Njeim
  • Moatasem Al Nahar
  • Fadi Abi Samra
  • Junaid Zeineldine
  • Carol Abboud
  • Leen Gherra

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episodes

Episodes 1English, Arabic, French46:53 Arabic
Episodes 2 English, Arabic, French 45:19 Arabic
Episodes 3English, Arabic, French 45:58 Arabic
Episodes 4English, Arabic, French 50:23 Arabic
Episodes 5English, Arabic, French 42:10 Arabic
Episodes 6English, Arabic, French 44:32 Arabic
Episodes 7English, Arabic, French 38:11 Arabic
Episodes 8English, Arabic, French36:53 Arabic
Episodes 9English, Arabic, French45:00 Arabic
Episodes 10English, Arabic, French39:33 Arabic

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 1

Anas’s jealousy boils over as Zahra prepares for the grand opening of her new barbershop. Mounir strikes a secret deal that leaves everyone on a high.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 2

Anas’s debt triples for reasons beyond his control, while Zahra’s first day does not go as planned. Ziko and Fadi concoct an illegal plan to make ends meet.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 3

Ziko and Fadi get greedy when they discover that the woman they found was kidnapped for a huge ransom. Anas is forced to cooperate with Thafer.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 4

Zahra is forced to put up with her in-laws after a surprise visit. Barbara suffers a nervous breakdown, almost scandalizing everyone at the salon.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 5

After seeing Jihad, Zahra keeps her calm and runs to protect her daughter from him. Anas receives a weapons cargo while Lina and Fadi’s relationship goes south.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 6

Najwa tries talking Rasha into marrying Ghassan despite Ziko’s threats to take her child. Jihad blackmails Zahra for money. Lina decides to go on a date.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 7

After a drinking night goes out of hand, Ibtissam wakes up to find Barbara missing. Baby Shakeeb is nowhere to be found, and Najwa blames Ziko for it.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 8

The police interrogate the residents about the opening night. Barbara blackmails her husband to try and save Shakeeb. Zahra’s salon comes under attack.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 9

Lina’s ex threatens to leak her photos. Fawaz tries to get on Maysam’s good side. Zahra’s grandad empowers her to face Jihad.

Salon Zahra Season 2 Episode 10

Season finale: A day at the amusement park turns dark when Yasmeen is abducted. Now, Zahra must get to grips with the demons of her past to save her daughter.

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