Salon Zahra Episode 4 | 4 صالون زهرة الحلقة

Salon Zahra Season 1 Episode 4 | 4 صالون زهرة الحلقة

Salon Zahra Episode 4 starts with Anas following Sahar (Zahra’s niece). Zahra comes across Sameer loading equipment in the new store.

Zahra takes Anas number from Sameer and calls Anas to the neighbourhood immediately to understand the shop. Anas keeps following Sahar and disconnects Zahra’s calls telling her he is busy he will call her later.

Zahra mocks the call further and tells Sameer to pick up all the equipment from the store and leave.

Tells Sameer it is said by Anas to do so.

Zahra effort to get a loan from the bank to rent the other shop is failed. Hanafi visits Zahra’s Salon for a hair spa.

Zahra cuts her hair to spread false rumours about her and Anas in the neighbourhood and warns her to stop gossiping about her or else she will miss her tongue next time.

Mayssam comes to Salon in search of Sahar and informs her about her missing since the morning.

Zahar walks to a slum area to meet a boy where few young orphan boys live involved in delivering illegal goods.

Sahar is left alone after her friend promise to return in an hour. While Sahar was about to be harassed by one of the boys, Anas hits him and saves Sahar.

Anas brings back Sahar to the neighbourhood safely and hands her over to Zahra.

Sahar is numb because of the shock. While Anas tells the truth, Zahra doesn’t believe him. Zahra is suspicious about who has harassed Sahar. She doubts Anas and wants to press charges in the police station.

When Zahra visits Mayssam, she isn’t allowed to talk to Sahar by Fayaz and Mayssam.

Ending: Zahra installs a wireless camera outside the Salon.

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