Salon Zahra Episode 2 | 2 صالون زهرة الحلقة

Salon Zahra Season 1 Episode 2 | 2 صالون زهرة الحلقة

The second episode of the Salon Zahra series, starring Nadine Njeim and Motasem Al-Nahar, is a massive hit in the Arab world since its premiere.

Salon Zahra series second episode duration is 37:13 with loads of comedy and drama.

It starts with a beautiful 3 minutes intro song. However, skip it and move forward.

Cops had taken Zahra under custody because of the fight with her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Anas takes this time and get to the salon and ask for water to put in his car because it was overheating.

Other girls in the salon are over-excited to watch anas and starts praising handsome anas.

The next scene shows that to rescue Zahra, her ex-boyfriend had been to the police station and long with Zahra brother.

Late-night police release Zahra from the police station, and Zahra all the way come back to the shop.

Anas and his friends were trying to enter the salon shop, and Zahra has seen the event.

However, a small fight happens, and Anas smartly says, “I came to save you from these bad boys”, and tricks Zahra.

Zahra feels the quilt of the damaging the head of anas, so she offers anas water and asks anas to come inside the salon and relax for a while.

Salon Zahra Episode 2 | 2 صالون زهرة الحلقة
Salon Zahra Episode 2 | 2 صالون زهرة الحلقة

Zahra shares her story in the salon shop about dealing with people single-handedly while the Anas watched chairs.

Now and then, Anas checking the chair is the funny party of this episode.

Anas is very curious to know whether his smuggling material is available or not inside the chair.

Meanwhile, Zahra’s ex-Boyfriend’s wife comes into the scene and tells Zahra that “you have put a board outside telling men are not allowed” better change it to “men are not allowed in the morning.”

This whole scenario was seen by Anas while sitting on the chair.

After a girly fight between the two females, Zahra asks Anas to leave the shop.

It was a late night, and Anas decided to rent a room where Zahra’s salon was in the street.

Anas does not want to leave the street because of his materials present in the chair.

With these all incidents and dramas, the second episode of Salon Zahra finishes.

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