Salon Zahra Season 1 Episode 1 | 1 صالون زهرة الحلقة FREE

The first episode of the Salon Zahra series presents the general atmosphere of Zahra’s salon. The focus is on the salon shop, where the salon’s location is displayed and some entertaining activities.

Salon Zahra Episode 1 | 1 صالون زهرة الحلقة
Salon Zahra Episode 1 | 1 صالون زهرة الحلقة

The signboard’s attraction was “Men cannot enter

Then the remaining characters are presented.

Salon Zahra series revolves around Zahra, who owns and works in a beauty salon.

Nadine Njeim, a Lebanese actress with a strong personality, plays the role of Zahra.

Because of the role of Zahra, Nadine Nassib Njeim has an entirely different experience in this series than she had in the past.

Zahra character revolves around the stories of women and their issues.

The role is of a strong woman who has her salon in one of the neighbourhoods of Lebanon and how she deals with men alone.

The series also sheds light on the Beirut port explosion and how it affected the hall.

When Zahra meets Anas, played by the artist Moatasem Al-Nahar, who works with furniture, things take a turn.

In addition to comedy and drama, the Salon Zahra Series also includes romantic angel; that shows the love story of Zahra and Anas in the series.

Aside from comedy and drama, Salon Zahra is a romantic series that follows Zahra and Anas through their love story.

Salon Zahra Episodes صالون زهرة الحلقة

Salon Zahra is one of those series that has helped Arabic content to come in front of the world.

Salon Zahra Series 1 (Season 1) has fifteen episodes, and Salon Zahra Series 2 (Season 2) has ten.

Salon Zahra Season 1 Episodes

Episodes 1English, Arabic, French37:26 Arabic
Episodes 2 English, Arabic, French 37:13 Arabic
Episodes 3English, Arabic, French 39:06 Arabic
Episodes 4English, Arabic, French 40:32 Arabic
Episodes 5English, Arabic, French 40:30 Arabic
Episodes 6English, Arabic, French 40:44 Arabic
Episodes 7English, Arabic, French 36:58 Arabic
Episodes 8English, Arabic, French42:05 Arabic
Episodes 9English, Arabic, French43:18 Arabic
Episodes 10English, Arabic, French42:27 Arabic
Episodes 11English, Arabic, French44:50 Arabic
Episodes 12English, Arabic, French44:36 Arabic
Episodes 13 English, Arabic, French50:37 Arabic
Episodes 14 English, Arabic, French45:45 Arabic
Episodes 15English, Arabic, French 45:17 Arabic

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FAQ’s Salon Zahra Season 1

Where to watch Salon Zahra Season 1

You can watch it on the THOUSIF Inc. – Arabic | Telegram

Is the Salon Zahra Season 1 on Netflix

No, The Salon Zahra Series is only available on Shahid

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