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Revolutionizing the Esports Landscape: Reckoning Esports’ Remarkable Journey

Discover the transformative journey of Reckoning Esports in revolutionizing India’s esports landscape. Explore their unique talent nurturing, strategic partnerships, and remarkable ascension in the competitive esports industry.

Bridging the Gap in Indian Esports

Just a few years ago, the esports industry in India was still finding its footing, with limited infrastructure and a narrow pool of dominant athletes. 

Recognizing the gap in the market, Sharang Naicker, an esports enthusiast, envisioned a specialized talent management company that could nurture the immense untapped esports potential in India. 

Reckoning Esports was born out of this vision in 2016, aiming to develop esports talents into iconic sports figures by providing more than just representation but a comprehensive career development plan.

The Rise of a Titan

Launching their journey with a professional team competing in the popular PC game ‘Defense of Ancients 2’ (DOTA-2), Reckoning Esports exhibited an extraordinary rise from being ranked 150th in 2016 to the second-best team in India by December 2018. 

Their meticulous strategies and focused approach have been the cornerstone of this success, allowing them to make significant strides in the industry, participating in over 170 tournaments in seven years and consistently ranking amongst the top five.

A Unique Approach to Talent and Expansion

Reckoning Esports takes a distinctive approach to talent scouting and nurturing, providing opportunities to exceptional talents from India and the broader regional spectrum.

With an eye on sustainability and expansion, they diversified their presence across PC and mobile games, reaching a broader audience and enabling participation in various tournaments.

Community Engagement and Global Outreach

Committed to fostering a robust esports community, Reckoning Esports has been at the forefront of organizing cross-border events and tournaments. 

These initiatives aim to develop thriving esports communities and provide a stage of international repute for talents, enabling a grand spectacle of ‘sportstainment’ that has captivated audiences with over 14 million social media engagements and 142K viewing hours.

Corporate Collaborations and Sponsorships

The impressive journey of Reckoning Esports has captured the attention of corporate giants, resulting in successful partnerships aimed at engaging the Gen Z audience. 

Prominent collaborations include partnerships with Tata Motors, Cooler Master, and RedBull, fostering a symbiotic relationship aimed at mutual growth and expanded outreach.

Funding and Future Aspirations

With a clear vision for future growth and an aspiration to be a leading esports organization in the APAC region, Reckoning Esports has secured USD 100K in funding, marking the beginning of a promising future. 

Sharang Naicker emphasizes the company’s dedication to unveiling opportunities for talented players and influencers and building a deeply connected esports community.

Conclusion: A Name to Reckon with in Esports

Standing on the threshold of an era marked by exponential multi-year growth in esports, Reckoning Esports is strategically positioned to capitalize on these upcoming opportunities, promising a future where it evolves as a monumental name in the esports domain.

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