Remedy's Sam Lake Confirms Alan Wake 2 is Finally Becoming a Reality

Remedy’s Sam Lake Confirms Alan Wake 2 is Finally Becoming a Reality

For fans of the cult classic game Alan Wake, a sequel has been a distant dream for years. 

However, despite the original game’s limited commercial success, a passionate fan base continued to hope for a follow-up. 

After a long wait, Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind Alan Wake, is set to release Alan Wake 2 this October. 

In a recent interview, Sam Lake, the creative director, and writer at Remedy, shared the journey behind the sequel’s realization.

According to Lake, the idea for Alan Wake 2 had always been in the works, even though it seemed unlikely at times. 

As Remedy explored different concepts and projects, the studio’s profile grew with games like Quantum Break in 2016 and Control in 2019. 

The success of Control, selling over three million copies and earning numerous Game of the Year awards, played a significant role in the development of Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

Lake revealed that Remedy regained publishing rights to the Alan Wake franchise from Microsoft, allowing them to release Alan Wake Remastered on multiple platforms. 

This was part of Remedy’s broader vision of a “Remedy Connected Universe,” which became apparent in Control, where references to Alan Wake were found. 

The studio was already deep into developing Alan Wake 2 when the final DLC episode of Control, titled “AWE,” further teased the sequel.

Describing the upcoming game, Lake shared that Alan Wake 2 would take a darker turn compared to its predecessor. 

The latest trailer showcases haunting scenes and ritualistic murder, hinting at a survival-horror experience. 

In addition, the combat will be more intense and strategic, with limited resources and powerful enemies. 

Lake expressed his excitement for this version of Alan Wake 2, emphasizing that the team’s perseverance and creativity led them to create something special.

For Lake, the realization of Alan Wake 2 holds great personal significance. 

He admired the talented team at Remedy and the creative energy poured into the project. 

This sequel represents a pinnacle of excitement in his career, making him feel extremely fortunate.

Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for release on October 17, 2023, and will be available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. 

So fans can finally rejoice as the long-awaited return of Alan Wake draws near, turning what once seemed unlikely into a reality.


When is the release date for Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for release on October 17, 2023.

On which platforms will Alan Wake 2 be available?

Alan Wake 2 will be available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

Is Alan Wake 2 a direct sequel to the original game?

Alan Wake 2 is a direct sequel to the 2010 original game, continuing the story and mysteries left unresolved in the first installment.

What genre can we expect from Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is shifting to a survival-horror experience, departing from the action-adventure framework of the original game. Players can anticipate a darker and more intense gameplay style.

Will there be a new protagonist in Alan Wake 2?

Yes, alongside the titular character Alan Wake, a new character named Saga Anderson will be introduced as a co-protagonist, further expanding the story and exploring the game’s world.

Is Alan Wake 2 part of the Remedy Connected Universe?

Alan Wake 2 is part of Remedy Entertainment’s vision of a connected universe. The game’s connections to the broader Remedy universe were hinted at in the DLC episode “AWE” of Control.

What prompted the development of Alan Wake 2?

The success of Remedy’s previous games, Quantum Break and Control, played a significant role in the development of Alan Wake 2. The studio regained publishing rights, and the enthusiastic response from fans contributed to bringing the sequel to fruition.

How does the creative director, Sam Lake, feel about Alan Wake 2?

Sam Lake has expressed great personal excitement and passion for Alan Wake 2, considering it a special project and a pinnacle of his career. He commends the creative talent within Remedy Entertainment and their dedication to delivering a remarkable experience.

Will Alan Wake 2 be accessible to new players unfamiliar with the first game?

While knowledge of the original game will enhance the overall experience, Remedy Entertainment aims to make Alan Wake 2 accessible to existing fans and newcomers, allowing players to enjoy the sequel’s narrative and gameplay independently.

Can we expect any surprises or twists in Alan Wake 2?

As Alan Wake is known for its intriguing storylines, it is safe to assume that Alan Wake 2 will present players with unexpected twists, mysteries, and surprises that keep them engaged and immersed in the game’s world.

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