Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson Spotted Looking Slim

Actress Rebel Wilson has been turning heads with her stunning transformation over the past two years.

Rebel Wilson

After stunning fans in a hot pink swimsuit this weekend, Wilson was spotted in Los Angeles taking a walk.

The star wore green athletic shorts and a matching green sweater from Sporty and Rich’s clothing brand.

Rebel Wilson

Wilson tied the outfit with a matching black hat and tennis shoes and carried a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Aside from Rebel Wilson’s trendy workout clothes, photos snapped of the star show her fit physique and legs.

Rebel Wilson used a combination of diet changes and exercise to achieve her goals.

Rebel Wilson (4)

Her progress is mainly visible in each new photo of the actress.

Given her outfit and water, it is possible she was taking this walk as part of her exercise plan.

Rebel Wilson’s transformation over the past two years has wowed fans.

Her photoshoot in Fiji wowed fans as they saw her in various dresses and swimsuits, but she did not stop there.

Rebel Wilson (6)

Most recently, she was stunned in a teal workout outfit.

Her fit physique and cleavage were front and center for everyone to see.

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